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Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Crazy Busy Six Weeks!

Sorry about my absence as of late! The last six weeks have been a fab but crazy mix of social events, from hen nights to music festival and gigs. So much so that I have barely had a time to draw a breath! It does however mean that it has taken me a little bit of time to get back into the swing of things!

So I will start where I left off back in mid May when I, my mum, and sister travelled down to Chichester over the weekend to visit my Nan for the day. We spent a lovely but rare day altogether in the city having breakfast and shopping, before we headed back to my Nan's where we dug out old photos and reminisced of times gone by. My Nan also gave me my Great-Nan's wedding ring whilst we were there which was a perfect fit and I am honoured to wear, and she gave my sister our Great-Nan's engagement ring.

Below you can see the lovely view down Chichester high street looking towards the cathedral with its bustling market stalls. It was also one of the first nicer days we had had weather wise in a while at that point, even though there was still a chill in the air.  

Sunday was then spent chilling as we knew that we had quite a few busy weekends coming up!

The following week my hubby had a few days off of work so on one of them we popped into town to try out a new Italian that we have been meaning to check out for a while now, and I am so glad that we did as it was lovely! It was just a shame that it was chucking it down when we left, and proceeded to for the rest of the day after that!

Thankfully it had stopped by the following day though and we had a couple of lovely sunny days over the next weekend, which was lucky as I had the Hen Day/Night of one of the girls from my uni Illustration course.

For the first part of the hen we went to Brighton, where we partook in a mosaic making course that was run from a lovely ladies house. I wasn't sure how it would go as apart from the bathroom tiling (which I hated) I didn't really have any experience when it came to mosaic making, and time does have a habit of running away with me during things like that. However I need have not worried as it was a rather therapeutic and relaxing experience, I finished my piece in the given time, and it turned out well!

We started with a little practice square and Gill our tutor gave us a few pointers, but she was very hands off and let us experiment with colours etc before we went in and chose the template for our main piece. I chose a bunny/hare obviously!

We all had a lovely time and it was great to reunite with the Illustration girls as it had been a good 5 years since we had last all been together, yet once we were together it seemed like only yesterday since we had seen one another.

Below you can see my finished piece, the gorgeous organic lunch that Gill and her daughter laid on for us, and their cute little dog Lulu who I think that we all fell in love with!

After the mosaic making five of us including the bride made our way to a glamping experience which the Maid of Honour drove us to, and again like the mosaic making she had organised as a surprise for the bride.

The 40 min journey from Brighton to finding the place was in itself hilarious and involved lots of girly chat and giggles, as well as listening to 90's pop hits from our youth! 

We managed to find the place after not too much searching, even though it was in the middle of nowhere on a private family farm. Once there there were two yurts one of which was ours, and then there were a few other groups and families of general campers within the field too. The weather was also lovely when we arrived, and despite the rain of the previous few days the ground was still pretty hard. 

Once we had settled in and had a few glasses of bubbly we headed out to check out the local pub for some dinner. It was a pretty little pub and quite busy considering it was in a small village, and we even bumped into another hen night there! Their party was much rowdier in comparison to our quiet affair though! 

The food there was also lovely and in the evening there was a band that played which sounded quite good but that we didn't stay for, as we headed back to the yurt for a chilled evening of hen night games instead. The journey back once again was filled with girly giggles!

On our return there was what sounded like a rave going on the field next to us, but we couldn't work out where it was coming from as we couldn't see anything, but it sounded like it was right next to us. It went on throughout the evening which was quite puzzling at the time. We didn't mind as we were on a hen do but we did wonder what others around us may think, especially the families as it went on until 12:30am at which point it suddenly came to an abrupt stop. It made for an amusing night though, along with trying to light the log burner in our yurt, and trying to put up the camp beds in semi-darkness!
I don't think that any of us really got much sleep, and I woke up to the dawn chorus. But it was another glorious day so I didn't really mind! Once up we enjoyed a cuppa in the sunshine before making our way over to meet the land owner's animals before we left. 

Whilst up there we met the owner's who apologized for the music the night before. It turned out that even though it sounded like it was right next to us that it was actually a mile and a half away, and that it had been an illegal rave on the land of an elderly lady who had let it out for the weekend! Thankfully the police had intervened after the owners reported it, but I do hope that they didn't cause too much damage for the poor lady! But I still can't believe how much the sound travelled over the fields!

All in all we had a lovely time and the bride thoroughly enjoyed her surprises!

Below you can see pics of our yurt, the beautiful weather, our flower crowns and badges, my yummy dessert from the pub, and us making friends with the animals!

The weekend after consisted of another Hen Day/Night, and this time it was that of my hubby's sister.

For her hen we went around her house and had an afternoon of hen night games, bubbles, nibbles, and more girly chat and giggles! One of the games we played involved us being in three different teams and making a wedding dress out of toilet paper! We ended up in a draw with the other teams for our creation, for which my hubby's 84 year old Nan loved being the model! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and once again the Maid of Honour did a fab job of organising everything, and we were once again lucky enough with the weather than we could spend the afternoon/evening outside. 

It was also especially lovely to be there to enjoy it with her as we were unable to attend the wedding, as they only decided within the last few months that they wanted to get married whilst on holiday in Las Vegas. 

Below you can see my party bag from the hen, and all of the pegs that my hubby's Aunty and Nan managed to collect from other people in one of the games. Within the game we all started off with four pegs each when we got there, but lost one every time we mentioned the word wedding or the groom's name, and as you can see they took it very seriously!

After Saturday's hen night antics Sunday was a quietish one, which involved having a BBQ and a catch up with some of my hubby's friends around their new house. Unfortunately the weather even though rather warm and sticky didn't hold out on this occasion and we had a fair downpour mid BBQ, but we still had a lovely time catching up with everyone!

Monday marked the last of the May Bank Holiday's, but being how busy we had been and how busy we were still going to be we had a quiet one and I spent the day in my pj's playing with our little Flo!

That Friday my hubby had the day off as we had the gig of David Ford at Islington Assembly Hall. He is one of my hubby's favourite artists, even though I am not so keen. I did however enjoy seeing him and his support acts, Michele Stodart of the Magic Numbers, and JP Ruggieri. The small grade II listed building was also beautiful even though it did have an extremely sticky floor! We also successfully managed to dodge some rather heavy showers along the way!

Below you can see a few pics from the night.  

So after having David Ford on the Friday, getting back from London at 1:30am and trying to live stream my hubby's sisters wedding in Vegas on the train on the way home which was pretty surreal, Sat and Sun were relatively quiet one's with me trying to get organised for the next events that I had coming week. 

Firstly on the Mon I had the wedding of my uni Illustration friend whose hen night was the first that I mentioned in this post. For this I had to be up bright and early and wedding ready in order to catch a train for the 3 and a half hour train journey up to Leammington Spa where the wedding was being held, and where she now lives. Unfortunately my hubby couldn't get the time off of work to attend, but I managed to meet another of my uni friend's en-route. Thankfully we managed to arrive in a pretty wet Leammington Spa plenty of time, despite a half hour delay along the way and quickly checked into our Travelodge before getting a taxi to the venue. 

The venue was set in the 250 acre grounds of a 16th century manor house, with the ceremony being held in a modern barn and the reception in a static marquee. Thankfully it had stopped raining by the time that we arrived at the venue and for the arrival of the bride who looked gorgeous in her 50's style lace dress, and for the bridesmaids who looked beautiful in their blue floral halterneck tea dresses complete with porcelain chameleon necklaces. The weather then continued to hold off long enough to get photos outside, but it did bucket it down once the reception was in full swing! Still it didn't dampen the party atmosphere and we all enjoyed partying the night away!

Below you can see a few pics from the lovely day including the cute little terrariums that we were given as wedding favours, the BBQ style main meal and wedding cake dessert, the origami butterfly's made out of maps signifying the couples love for travel, and the albatrosses which signify the couples love of nature and the fact that they are birds that mate for life.

Most of Tuesday was then spent travelling back home, just for me to get back and pack ready to go off to the midlands again early the following morning for my annual trip to Download Festival! 

I have blogged about Download Festival (which is the UK's biggest rock festival) and my love for it many times before, and this year was just as amazing as always! We were also the luckiest that we have been with the weather for years, only getting a bit of rain overnight on the Weds and a little on the wind on the Thursday morning. Besides that it was sunshine and cloud on and off for the five days that we were there, with a bit of a wind which blew any bad weather away. So pretty much perfect festival conditions! We even got to sit on the grass in the arena for the whole time this year, which again is something that just hasn't been possible with the weather over the last few years. We enjoy it every year, but good weather makes it so much better! It was so good to get away, chill with friends, meet up with our Download family again, and party hard!

As usual the five days of partying and going to bed in the early hours has meant that it has taken me a good week to recover and get back into the flow of things, but it was worth it as always! Thankfully this year I didn't end up with the mouth ulcer and blister issues that I had last year, just the usual bruises!

Below you can see a selection of pics from our time at Download Festival this year! 

The queue to get in this year that went across the road and around the car park! 

 Our first ever Download rainbow late on Thursday afternoon! If look closely you can see a faint double rainbow! 

More rainbow pictures because it was just so pretty, and the gorgeous sunset on Thursday night

More pics of the sunset on Thursday night, again because it was just gorgeous! 

View of Main Stage on Friday our first day in the main arena
Always wellies even if the weather is good, and spot the man up the speaker!

Fireworks after Biffy Clyro and fun in the "Dog House" rock club!

The beautiful bright moon over the campsite in the early hours of Sunday morning, and dawn breaking on Sunday morning

The stunning blue skies over Main Stage on Sunday

The beggining of Aerosmith's headlining set on Sunday night to end the festival

The stunning sunset over the arena on Sunday night! The perfect way to end the festival!

So that finally nearly brings you up to date with everything, apart from this Saturday just gone when the hubby and I went to the Olympic Stadium to see Guns "N" Roses!

We had both been so looking forward to since we were lucky enough to get the tickets last year, and I have to say they didn't disappoint! I was a little apprehensive as to whether Axl Rose would actually turn up on time or at all as he doesn't have the best reputation these days, but he did and his voice was still amazing!  We met friends there that had also been lucky enough to get tickets, and we all had the best time! The Olympic Stadium was also amazing and so huge, I think that we were all pretty overwhelmed by it! It was also one of the hottest days of the year at 30 degrees in the shade, so we were all melting especially on the tube but it was all worth it!

I was so glad that it was worth it too as we had all so been looking forward to it! Plus we also missed my hubby's sister UK wedding reception after her Vegas wedding to be there, as we already had the tickets when she announced it and they were like gold dust to get! We were hoping to pop in on the way back though, but our journey back was such a nightmare that we didn't get in until 3:30am! Thankfully she understood that the wedding was planned last minute though and that people probably would have plans, but it was still a shame to miss it as we understandably would have loved to have been there.

Below you can see a few pics from the evening!

The amazing Olympic Stadium!

The Orbit sculpture at the Olympic Park, and the London skyline with the building work going on in the vicinity of the stadium 

 The view from inside the stadium was just stunning!

Waiting for Guns "N" Roses to come on!

Guns "N" Roses doing their thing! Slash was amazing on guitar as always

Sunday was then spent chilling at my parents for Father's Day which it was another scorcher of a day! So much so that my sister and I got out our childhood paddling pool for the first time in over 5 years, and it was still in one piece! We also had a lovely BBQ.
So that rounds up a pretty amazing but crazy six weeks, and if you are still reading for this thank you for bearing with a very long post!

I hope that you are all well too, and that if you are here in the UK and particularly in the South of England like me that you haven't been too fried by the heatwave over the last few days! It hit over 34 degrees here on Weds which was also the longest day of the year! For those of you that aren't in the UK that probably doesn't sound very hot, but for us it's unheard of and was record breaking! 
Thankfully there was a bit more of a breeze here yesterday the and we had the odd rumble of thunder so it was a little fresher and more comfortable in the mid 20's, and again today we are in the mid 20's and its bright but still breezy. Florrie however was not at all impressed with Weds temperatures! I will update more on Flo and my progress with Bobby Bunny and Friends over the next few days, but for now I will end this post before it gets any longer! Thanks for visiting as always! x        

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Lots Of Birthday's And Lots Of Food!

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all having a good week and that you're getting ready for the weekend that's on the horizon! We have had a couple of busy weekends celebrating birthday's here, so I am hoping that this one will be a relatively quite one!

Firstly on the Saturday of the May Day Bank Holiday weekend we celebrated one of our nephew's birthday's at my-brother-and sister in-laws. Luckily it was held on a day which turned out to be one of the only sunny and warmish ones that we've had over the last few weeks, as there was a bouncy castle in the garden for the kids. 

It was a lovely day spent catching up with the family, despite the fact that I was rather stressed when we arrived as I had been rushing around all morning trying to get the flat and food ready before we left, as I had the girls coming around to celebrate my birthday that evening before we were to hit the town, and I knew that I wouldn't have time to do it when we got back!

Luckily the girls arrived at ours a little late as we only just got back on time after dropping people off, which I knew would happen! But again I had a good time once I was ready and able to relax!

The third birthday that we celebrated on the weekend just gone was that of my sisters, for which went out for a lovely late lunch with her girlie friends on the Sunday, before going back to her and her boyfriend's new flat after for drinks and nibbles.

We then went out again with my family on Tuesday for her actual birthday to a lovely steak house, where the food was just gorgeous!

Below you can see the yummy chorizo, onion, and bruschetta starter that I had, followed by a medium steak with peppercorn sauce and fries!

Needless to say after going out for both of those meals and a meal in the week for a rare date evening with my hubby, plus attempting my first Shepherd's pie last week, I feel like I need to behave a bit this week both on the food and drink front!

Below you can see my efforts with the Shepherd's Pie, which I have to say went down very well with the hubby!

On the Bobby Bunny & Friends front I have been busy over the past few weeks converting my new "Mum To Be" and Baby Shower" cards into different colour options, print testing them, photographing them, and listing them on my Etsy shop. Below you can see my test prints and some of my photographs of the cards ready for Etsy.

As well as this I have also designed and ordered some Bobby Bunny & Friends flyers which turned up yesterday. I am really pleased with the quality of them as they look and feel more like postcards. Perfect for putting up on notice boards as I wanted!

Once again I ordered them through Vistaprint as I was happy with my business card from them, plus they offered the best value for money as I had a voucher for them.

Below you can see how they turned out!

I have also been working on getting my studio room looking like a studio room rather than a junk room! I am getting there, but there is always going to be clutter around when I am about!

Below you can see the progress that I have made so far along with the lovely sign that hangs on the door, which I also got for my birthday but that I forgot to share with you last time!

I can't believe that time is going so fast and that it had been nearly seven weeks since I left work already, time sure does fly when you are doing something that you love! I do have days where I freak out a bit about the fact that it is going so fast and that I am quickly running out of time before my redundancy runs out and I need to be earning more, but I am doing everything I can to make it work which is all that I can do really.  

On the Florrie front her grass has grown so very much in the couple of weeks since I last blogged, that she was able to have her first taste of it on Sunday! As you can see below you can tell from the look on her little face that she liked it! 
Needless to say at nearly a week in since she first tired it, it is now substantially shorter and may need to do a bit more growing!

The other Florrie first that also took place on Sunday was her taking her first steps on the front room floor, or should I say our rug as there is no way that she will walk on the wooden floor as it's too slippy! To be honest she was still a wimp when it came to the rug though! I knelt with her on the floor and she just sat there on me for a good ten mins or so refusing to move, which she never does when she is in her comfort zone! Eventually she did get down but only after a lot of coaxing, and even then she kept coming back to me for safety. I'm pretty sure that I could have left her on that mat all day and that she wouldn't have got off of it! She's such a funny thing! Like I say when she is in her comfort zone of the hutch, sofa, or our bed she's a confident little monkey, but anywhere else she is very timid. As for the ladder to her play pen, she still won't use that either! We can leave the hutch door open all day and she won't even try, and even when she chews the bars for attention she still won't use it the little toad!

On the picking up front we have now got to the stage where I have to dismantle the whole hutch in order to get her out, as the clever little monkey has got so wise to me tempting her up the top with treats that she runs back down the ladder as soon as I move towards her, let alone pick her up!

To be honest though even though dismantling the hutch is a faff she seems to be more relaxed with me picking her up from the bottom, as I tend to clean her out first which relaxes her a bit before picking her up. She's still not keen, but there has definitely been less snorting and squeaking going on from the hormonal little monkey.

As far as the nail clipping goes I have given up trying as she just pulls her paw away every time the clippers touch her nails and I am going to end up hurting her, so again it is a bit of a faff and stressful for her but it is going to have to be a vet job as it is not worth the risk. Again she seems to have got worse for this as she has got older and more hormonal! In time when she is a bit older we will get her spayed, as much as she and I will hate it! But it needs to be done, as regardless of her behavior over 80% of un-spayed does get uterine cancer before the age of five if they are not.

Lastly in the last couple of weeks or so despite us supposedly meant to be coming into warmer spring weather (not that we seem to have had much of that lately, regardless of whether the sun is out or not!) Florrie seems to have decided to grow a bit of a lion mane, or should I say a neck ruffle as it looks like when she is sitting! Her fur has definitely got longer and thicker around her face and her head more like when she was a little baby, but she seems to be thinning out around her bum again. To accompany this for the first time I am starting to find fluff everywhere too, so I think that I will have to hoover more often even if her ladyship doesn't like it!    

Below you can see Florrie taking her first steps on the rug, and her sprawled out in what we refer to as slug mode! She's such a long bunny!

Plus apparently what remained of Florrie's tube made a good chin rest!

Thank you for dropping in and enjoy the rest of the week/weekend, and hopefully the weather will be kind! x

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Easter, Bunnies, And A Birthday!

Hi everyone I hope that you are all well and have had a good few weeks, as well as a good Easter and Easter break! I had a lovely one despite having been quite ill with a very heavy and heady cold, which has taken me the best part of the last few weeks to even think about shifting! But despite this didn't let it ruin my Easter break as it was my first full one in about 12 years due to the fact that I'm usually tied up with work, so I made the most of it and had a lovely few days spending time with my hubby and catching up with family.

On Good Friday the day started with the grass box that I had ordered for Florrie turning up just in time for Easter, which I was very happy about! I had been looking into buying or making one for a while but hadn't been able to find any seeds or soil that weren't treated, so when I stumbled across the gorgeous grass box below on "Not On The High Street" from the lovely people at "Potting Shed Designs" I was really chuffed! Plus it also comes with your bunnies name on!
As you can see I think that Florrie liked it! 

So the seeds have now been sown within the last week, and this Sunday just gone they began to sprout! I can't believe how quickly they are growing now as after only two days we have a good few cm of grown as you can see below, so I don't think that it will be long before Florrie can tuck into it!

So as well as Florrie's grass box turning up, Good Friday was also the day that my hubby and I decided to venture into town for a bit of fresh air as I hadn't been out in days, and it was the first day that I started to feel a little better. Plus the annual Italian Festival which always runs over the Easter break was also on in town too. 

The Friday marked the day of the Ferrari parade and Mini's which we caught bits of this year, but we didn't watch it all as we caught it in its entirety last year which you may remember me blogging about. So for that reason I focused more on taking pictures of the mini's this year rather than the Ferrari's, some of which you can see below.

Easter Saturday consisted of us driving up to Croydon to see my hubby's mum, step-dad, one of his brother's, plus his Fiance and our little Niece. 

Once there we had a lovely day chilling out and catching up, which was really nice as I haven't seen my Niece since Christmas as they don't live that locally to us. We also don't often just get to meet up with them as we usually have the hubby's other brother's, sister their partner's, and nephews there too which can make it bit too chaotic to talk much. Plus as I mentioned in my last post I also had to miss our Niece's first birthday last month due to work, so it really was a well overdue catch-up for me. My mother-in-law also cooked us a huge amount of food as always, so we were fit to burst by the time that we left!  

Easter Sunday was then another chilled one this time spent at my parents, which consisted of another feast with my sister, her boyfriend and my grandma in attendance too. We also received plenty of Easter eggs, and spent the afternoon playing many games of Uno. Below you can see the lovely roast and dessert that we had, as well as my many Easter treats!

As well as Easter eggs I also had a bit of an Easter shopping haul of my own since there were so many lovely bunny bits about! I have been pretty good at resisting all of the bunnified things that appear around Easter over the last few years, but this year I just couldn't resist! Below you can see my collection Easter finds! 

On Easter Monday the hubby and I made our way back into town for the Italian Festival again, this time because the hubby wanted to see the Bugatti Veyron that they were going to have there for the first time. It's one of his favourite cars and he had never seen one before so like most men he was in his element and like a kid in a sweet show! It took a bit of hunting out but after watching another parade of super cars and stopping for a spot of lunch, as well as us stumbling over the hubby's all time favourite car the Nissan GTX we found it. Below you can see both cars as well as some of the others that we saw! Most of the photos come courtesy of my hubby!        

 The Bugatti Veyron! Crazily worth over one million pounds from new!
The Nissan GTR left and a kit car that took my hubby's fancy on the right 

A selection of other super cars that my hubby felt were photo worthy

Plus a pic of the parade that I took left and the back of an old car that I liked

On the walk back we saw some lovely bluebells and my first butterfly of the season. I also spotted a common blue butterfly just after this and have seen another one since, but they were too fast for me to capture!

So all in all like I said we had a lovely Easter break. The weather wasn't bad either, and hasn't been for the last few weeks. It's been very dry and we have had some lovely sunny spring days, but there has definitely been quite a chill in the air!

Below you can see the lovely blossom tree outside of our window that I mentioned in my last post in full bloom!

It really is truly stunning when it comes out like this, but the pictures never really do it justice. I look forward to it blooming every year, but sadly it doesn't last long though and most of the blossom is dying off now.

On the Bobby Bunny & Friends front my business cards excitingly turned up last Tuesday, and I am pretty pleased with them! I wasn't sure how they would turn out as I went for Vista Print in the end after having looked at Moo for a long time, but I just couldn't justify how much more they were. Below you can see the outcome!

I have also been working on some new designs! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen the Happy Easter design that I put up. It wasn't a card design this year but maybe in the future! I enjoyed doing it, but it did take me a few days as it is one of the more detailed designs that I have done as of late! I also struggled a lot with the hat on Bella bunny which got drawn and re-drawn many times until it was right, but I got there in the end!

Below you can see it as a sketch, work in progress, and the finished article!

As well as the Easter design I also had a request for a "Teacher You Are Leaving To Have A Baby" card, and as I need to build my portfolio at the moment I made a bespoke design especially for the customer. It had to be bigger than my usual cards as it needed to be signed by a class so I made it as big as my printer would allow. 

It was a design that I enjoyed doing, and I didn't struggle with much of it like I did the Easter design so it was completed relatively quickly. The teacher in question also doesn't know the sex of the baby so I tried to keep the colours quite neutral. Below you can see the result both as a sketch, finished design, and as card.

The design will also be going up for sale on my Etsy shop within the next few weeks in the same sized format as my usual cards. 

This weekend just gone was another busy one with us popping into town before going over to the hubby's brother's to see him and our nephew's so that we could drop off their Easter eggs, as we didn't get to see them the previous weekend. Once again the weather was lovely and sunny so we spent the afternoon having catch-up up outside in the sun, before returning home to got out for a meal with some of my old school friends that I haven't seen for a fair while. We had a lovely time but were pretty stuffed by the end of it!

Sunday was again another busy day as it marked not only St. George's Day, but also my 29th birthday! So I spent the day celebrating with family by going out for lunch to one of our favourite pubs that has the most beautiful views overlooking the south downs from it's garden, before returning to my parents for some Connie Caterpillar cake and another round of Uno!

I had a lovely day and was thoroughly spoilt and obviously there were lots of bunnifed things! Below you can see them along with my yummy dinner, cake, and the beautiful views from the pub garden!   

On the Florrie front the little monkey has gone up in weight again, surprise, surprise, and is now 1.9kg! She is all good though and has been continuing to like sunning herself as you can see below. I also made her a little toy the other day out of an old toilet tube which I stuffed with hay and hung from the top of her hutch, which she thoroughly enjoyed playing with again as you can also see below.

It was funny watching her play with it whilst to tug it down, even though she did try to cheat at one point by simply trying to bite it off from the string! She's definitely not stupid that one! In the end it lasted nearly a week before she completely wrecked it, and now all that remains is the string!

Our new approach to getting Florrie out of the hutch by taking the top floor off seems to still be going much better than me just trying to get her out from the door. Again some days she takes more coaxing up and down the ladder, but it's defiantly a much safer angle plus one that she can't try to pounce or bite at me from!

We did however have one slight bunny drama the other day though when I was clipping her back nails, as she wouldn't let the vet near them when we last went to get her vaccinated. I was clipping them with her on the top of the sofa as usual but when I went for her back outside nail she decided to jump off of the sofa as I was cutting it. Luckily I didn't get the quick, but I was a bit concerned that I may have damaged her toe, leg, or foot. Thankfully though all seems to be well, even though I think she is going to be even less inclined to let me trim her nails next time! So far she is wonky and has one back foot trimmed and the other not!

Apart from that the other incident was that the monkey managed to get her paws or rather her teeth into my hubby's laptop wire charger yesterday! I had literally just put her on the sofa and had reached to cover the wires as usual as I had forgotten to it prior to getting her out, but despite having shown no interest in them before she beat me to them! Thankfully it wasn't plugged it in but she was happily munching into it as if it were a stick! What is it with bunnies and wires! I need eyes in the back of my head with this little one as she really is like having a toddler!

I hope that you are all having a good start to the week, and thank you for taking the time to visit, as always it means a lot! x