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Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Very Stressful Month!

So once again I have been absent from Blogland much longer than I was intending, which has mainly been down to our property searching! Things have moved on rather since my last post in which I mentioned that we were struggling to find a property.

Since then we have viewed two other properties one of which we were out bid on and the other which we almost ended up getting into a bidding war for, but which we finally had an offer accepted on!

We had to pay a little over the odds to get it, but it was well under budget so we were not too fussed by this. It's a two bed flat rather than the maisonette or house that we originally wanted, but it is in the perfect location for us, it's ground floor, bigger than what we have at the moment, and only has one set of neighbours above and non either side. The building is also a bit newer than where we are currently so hopefully the sound proofing will be better, and I might be able to have a washing machine that I don't have to manually fill up!

So we are nearly a month into the sale of the property now, and what a month it has been! I can safely say that this has to be the most stressful experience that I have ever been through! It's the being in limbo and just waiting that has been the worst thing, as even though the offer was accepted we have had to wait until the beginning of this week to see if the mortgage would be accepted. It's been so horrible just being able to do nothing after all this time saving, and now having our future in someone else's hands. So needless to say being the naturally born worrier that I am, I haven't really been able to focus on much lately let alone illustrating.

But the good news is that we have now jumped that big hurdle by getting the mortgage approved, which is a big weight off of our shoulders! There are still a few more to jump but fingers crossed it will go ok.

The sale also has to go through relatively quickly as it is under a repossession order, so being all being well we should hopefully have the keys by the middle to end of November. However I am not going to get to excited just yet!

On another note just to let you all know my Bobby Bunny and Friends Christmas cards are now available on my Etsy shop again. Unfortunately so far I haven't had the chance to be able to do any new designs on top of last years, but I hope that you will like them nether the less.

I hope that you are all keeping well and that the weather has been kind to you wherever you are. Autumn is definitely beginning to hit here, with it having been wet but unseasonably warm as of late.

I also hope that you have a lovely Halloween tomorrow, and that if you are in the UK you enjoy any firework displays that you may be going to see over the bonfire weekend.