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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Back from Download!

Hello everyone! I'm back after having a fabulous time at Download Festival once again! I was hoping to blog after I got back last Monday, but it's taken me most of the week in between work to catch up on jobs, washing, e-mails, and sleep! Five days of partying definitely took its toll on me after I got back, but I am just about recovered now! I am also pleased to say that for the most part the weather did hold out for us, with just a few short heavy showers mainly on Sat, but it was still warm so we dried of pretty quickly. I even ended up catching sun a bit which was nice. I have to say that for me lying in the sun and listening to live music is just blissful. So as nice as it is to be back I do have a bit of the festival blues at the moment!

In other news, now that I am pretty much back to the normality of the real world, I am hoping to start getting some more Bobby designs on the go over the next few weeks. My working rota has settled into a bit more of a routine now, and I am hoping that I will be able to get stuck into some new projects very soon, so watch this space!

I hope that everything has been ok with you all while I have been gone, and that you are all having a fab week. I will leave you with a few pics from Download Festival 2013! x
View of Main Stage after the showers had passed on Sat afternoon

Pretty Sunset over our campsite (black camp) on Friday evening

Balloon fun during one of the Main Stage sets on Sat

Inflatable Sea Animal fun during the same set on Sat

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Off To Download!

We have had some lovely weather here in South East England over the past week or so. Unfortunately it has not been quite as nice over the past few days, which is typical considering that I am off to Download Festival tomorrow.

For those of you that don't know Download is the biggest rock festival within in the UK, and is held at Donnington Park in the Midlands. It's a festival that I love and that I will be attending with friends for the fifth year running. The atmosphere is always amazing and it's full of lovely people and great music. I always view it as a holiday, as even though the festival runs from Friday to Sunday we shall be camping on site for five days. For that reason I have my fingers crossed that the weather will be ok, as even though it's always fun good weather makes all the difference! Last year the weather was the worst that we ever had with lots of rain, mud, and wind for the whole time we were there, so I am hoping that it shall be better than that as least. It currently looks like we shall be having sunshine and showers, so fingers crossed there will be more sunshine than showers!

Right I am off to finish packing now, but I shall leave you with a few pics from previous Downloads. Have a good week, I shall be back on Monday. x

Main Stage at a scorching Download in 2009

A beautiful sunset by the main stage 2009

View over the campsite village, taken from the top of the "Fun House" in 2010

A rainy main stage in 2011

Main Stage Headliners 2012

Monday, 3 June 2013

Mocked Up Butterfly Dreams Thank You Card!

Once again it has been a busy old week here at Bobby Bunny Headquarters! I have mainly spent my time working and attending a course associated with my new role, which so far seems to be going well. The downside to this though is that not much illustrating has been going on, but this should change once I have settled into my new routine. I have however found the time to mock up my Butterfly Dreams card, as you can see below.

After being pretty pleased with the outcome of my "New Baby Boy" card design, I wanted this one to follow the same style. Again I used the 250gm canvas effect linen card to print on and used a pretty heart button, sewed on with taupe thread as an accent. I have to say that I had fun shopping for the right button and think that I may be getting a button fetish, as came away from Hobbycraft with quite a few different button designs to use on future cards. Again I am pretty pleased with the results, and now also have some plastic wallets and envelopes to package up my cards. So once I have a few more designs, I hope to be able to start selling them in the not to distant future.

I hope that you all have a lovely week, and that the weather is being as kind to you as it is to us at the moment! x