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Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Sprinkling Of Snow, A Wedding, & Valentine's!

When I last blogged a month ago I was just starting my week off. I say week off but I had so many jobs to pack in within the week that didn't really feel like it!

Firstly as I mentioned in my last post our little Florrie had the first of her vaccinations on the Monday, so most of Tuesday was spent with me milling around the flat getting jobs done whilst making sure that she was ok and that she didn't have any side effects. Thankfully though she seemed absolutely fine and got over the whole ordeal pretty quickly, but it did make her a bit more clingly than usual towards me for a few days.

The rest of the week then flew by as it was spent with me getting both the flat, myself, the hubby and Florrie all ready and organized, as both my hubby and I were going away for the weekend with my parents for my second cousins wedding. Plus as my sister wasn't going we conveniently had a bunny and flat sitter at our service! 

We left on the Friday afternoon for our journey up to Northampton, but typically on the morning that we were due to leave I woke up with my first full on head cold in well over a year! It just appeared from nowhere but it hit me pretty hard and I felt awful!

Having never been to Northampton before we looked up the journey and it said that it should take about two hours to get there, but with all of the motorway traffic on a Friday afternoon it ended up taking more like three. It was a pretty cold and dreary day when we left and the skies threatened snow for most of the way, then as we arrived at our hotel for the weekend the sleet that had started along the way turned to snow.

Below left you can see a rather blurry photo that I took out of the window of the car on the way, showing one of the wind turbines with the sunset trying to to poke through the snow clouds in the background.

When I see wind turbines on journeys are always a bit of a novelty to me as we don't have anywhere close to us that has any, plus they always remind me of holidays in Cornwall as they have a lot of them down there too!

The pic below right then shows the snowy view that greeted from the window of our hotel room when we arrived. As you can see we had a lovely view over the hotel golf course.     

Below you can see that our hotel room that we had for our two night stay was just as lovely.

The following day bought the day of the wedding and as you can see below we woke up to a further dusting of snow. As I have mentioned before I love snow, so with there being snow and a wedding it made the day feel extra magical despite how awful I felt!

Sadly the snow didn't last long though as on our forty minute journey to the childhood church of the bride where the ceremony was being held it had begun to rain, and by the time that we got there wasn't any snow left at all!

Despite the on off rain throughout the day it was still bitterly cold, but the wedding ceremony itself was lovely and the bride looked just beautiful. This was then followed by refreshments in the church hall to warm everybody, before we then made our way to the reception venue which was held about a twenty minute drive away within a gorgeous converted barn.

We has such a lovely time and it was really nice to spend some quality time with my parents whilst we were away, and to catch up with family members that we haven't seen for some time.

There was also soo much food! Which consisted of a starter of goats cheese and onion tart, a main of pork, that was carved by a designated member of each table with cheesy sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, sugar snap peas and baby sweet, as well as roast potatoes and lashings of gravy! This was then followed by a dessert of bread and butter pudding and teas and coffees! It was all lovely despite the fact that I couldn't really taste any of it, but I honestly don't think that I have felt so stuffed after a wedding meal as I did that one! So it was a good job that in the evening they had a traditional Scottish Ceilidh band (pronounced Kaylee,) teaching us dances to help us burn it off! I had never heard of or participated in ceilidh dancing prior to this, but it got people up on the dance floor and my cousin and I had a great time learning a few of the dances as my hubby doesn't do dancing! 

So all in all we had a lovely weekend away and it was also nice to go to a region of the country that we have never visited before too.

Below you can see a small selection of images from the day.       

The Tuesday after the wedding marked not only my first day back at work, and the first day that I had started to feel half normal again after my head cold, but it also marked Valentine's Day.

As usual my hubby and I just had a quite night in with our annual M&S meal deal, which this year consisted of a starter of Tai fishcakes, a main of steak with rosemary potatoes and peas, and a Desert of millionaire shortbread with chocolate heats. All of which was gorgeous and was washed down with a bottle of Cava.

Below you can see our valentine's efforts!  

We don't usually do presents for valentine's just cards but this year my hubby bought me my favourite strawberries and cream Lindt chocolates and a beautiful bunny charm to go on my Pandora bracelet. Whilst I bought him a chocolate note slab, which came with a transfer sheet so that you could write a personalised note onto the chocolate.

Below you can see the charm that my hubby bought me and our Valentine's cards to each other, (the chocolates didn't hang around long enough to be photographed though!)

Following Valentine's both my parents and my hubby caught my head cold which I was none too popular for! It also meant that I ended up sleeping in the front room with Florrie from the middle of the night onwards on more than one occasion due to my hubby's snoring! On one such occasion I was trying to get to sleep and had my ear plugs in but I could hear this animal like noise. I got up concerned that it was Florrie, but her ears were all pricked up so she could obviously hear it too! On hearing it again I went to the kitchen window and opened the blinds to find to my surprise two foxes play fighting on the grass right in front of me. I've seen and heard foxes many a time before but the noises that these foxes were making were a lot more low pitched than usual, so I stood and watched then for a bit but it wasn't long before they got spooked and ran off.

Below you can see a few pics that I managed to catch of the foxes even though they are not of great quality!

Since then the last few weekends or so have been a mix of quiet ones and busy ones! We have also just gone two and a half weeks with no heating and hot water as we have had major issues with our boiler, which have thankfully now been fixed after numerous setbacks! So we will look forward to that bill coming though! Anyway the busy weekends consisted of us having our neighbours around for a catch up and drinks a few weekends back, which ended up with us staying up until the early hours as usual. We then ended up having them, their lodger, and the hubby's best friend around last weekend so that the boys could watch the boxing whilst the girls went out on the town. We weren't sure how Florrie would react to having other people around for the evening for a bit of a party, so we were ready to move her into the spare room in case she got too distressed by the noise but she was fine.

However I took this photo of her the following morning which I found quite amusing as it looks like she has had a bit of a heavy night!

Talking of the little monkey, her weight has gone up yet again! I weighed her a week or so ago and she is now weighing in at 1.7kg, so I am hoping that her weight will level out from here as she is now the size of a Lionhead bunny! Plus even though still pretty long and skinny is getting a little bit of a pudge to her, so I will have to keep a track of it. 

As always she continues to amuse and has been quite playful over the last few days especially! She has also got into a habit of chewing the bars to her hutch even when she has had plenty of exercise or doesn't want to come out, so we have started to put cardboard tubes into her hutch which she loves to chuck about. We have avoided putting them in there much until now though as she will just sit there and eat them like they are food rather than shred them, but we are keeping an eye on how much she is eating! We have also got her a loam gnaw bar to chew on too as we don't want her hurting her teeth or mouth on the bars, plus yesterday invested in a bunny pen for her so that she can have a bigger play area for when we can't have her out. I just need to get some suitable flooring for her now so that she doesn't slip about on out wooden floors, which is why I can't really let her run free in the front room.
She is also getting a bit better at being picked up from the hutch even though it is still on her terms!   

Below you can see her having fun with her cardboard tube, but the photos are a little blurry as she doesn't sit still when she plays with it! 

You can also see a few other pics of Florrikins from this month. Below left you can see that apparently toys make good pillows! Then below right you can see Florrie in her lazy chilled out mode!

Plus this month after shedding her fluffy bum it has returned as fluffy tufts like a little skirt!

There has also been progress on the Bobby Bunny front as I have now finished the new design that I mentioned in my last blog. The design that you can see below is for a first Mother's Day card, and will be available in my Etsy shop in the next few days.

Thank you for visiting as always! I hope that you are all well and have had a good weekend! It's been a quiet one here with me working yesterday and chilling today, as the weather has been pretty wet and drab in contrast to the lovely spring like days that we had here both yesterday and on and off over the last week. Let's hope that there will be more bright spring days to come rather than rainy ones, and no more storms like that of Dorris from the other week, which I hope that none of you were too affected by! Thankfully we didn't really see any damage here, but it was just rather windy! x