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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Birthday Times!

I am pleased to say that the better weather that began to come our way last week, fully showed itself at the weekend with temperatures up to 20 degrees at times, positively tropical compared to those of late. I was particularly pleased about this as it was my birthday weekend, and it was one that didn't disappoint.

I started off going shopping with my mum and nan in Chichester on Saturday for a few pre birthday goodies which was lovely, as I don't often get the chance or have the finances to go shopping. Before then going out in the evening for drinks and a dance with a few of my close friends. On Sunday I went up to Croydon to celebrate my hubby's nans 80th birthday, and had another enjoyable day with his family, so it was a busy weekend all round.

My actual birthday was yesterday St. Georges Day. Once again the weather was beautiful so I spent the morning with a friend and her two year old twin boys at the park. I then had to work in the afternoon, but went out for a lovely meal in the evening with my family. I was thoroughly spoilt and got all sorts of prezzies and cards from family and friends, especially those of the bunny variety as you can see below.

 photo DSCN1321_zpsb3bfbde2.jpg

 photo DSCN1318_zpsa1ba2810.jpg
I hope that you all had a lovely weekend as well, and that the weather was kind to you too! Enjoy the rest of your week! x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Baby Boy Card Design for Joshua!

I am not sure where the last few weeks have gone since Easter, but they just seem to have flown by! Within these weeks I have spent most of my time working extra shifts at my retail job, as Easter is meant to be of our peak times of the year. However since the weather hasn't been to fabulous to say the least we were actually still pretty quiet. But now the schools are back I have returned to my usual shift pattern, which has meant that I have had some time this week to embark on a new card design.

A close friend of my hubby's has just had a new baby boy so I thought that I would make a new baby card for them. I set about sketching a few ideas and different poses, and eventually settled on a sleeping Bobby pose. I have been working on the image on and off for the last few days or so and have just finished it, so I thought I would share it with you!
Luckily it has turned out exactly as I hoped it would, as you never really know how an image is going to turn out until it is finished. Now I just need to fiddle about with design and composition for the actual printed card, and it shall be ready to be posted. Hopefully that will happen within the next few days and I will pop a photo on when it is finished.
I hope that you are all having a lovely week, and I am pleased to say that so far this week the weather seems to finally be looking up! We have had some lovely sunny days and even when it's been wet it has been much warmer, so I am hoping that spring shall be here to stay very soon! x