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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

All Wrapped Up!

So Christmas Day is nearly upon us! Usually by now my presents would be bought, but despite my best intentions they are normally hastily wrapped at the last minute. This was no truer than last year; having just got married Christmas was a bit of a rush. So this year I thought I would be organised, and give myself time to wrap them in the loving way that I have always intended to. I know that they are just going to get ripped open, but I do enjoy giving a nicely wrapped present.

Being quite into the whole Scandinavian Christmas craze that’s going on over here at the moment, I fell in love when I saw this lovely Christmas wrap pack in M&S. It came with all the traditional paper, ribbon, tags and cute stickers that you can see below. I am rather pleased with how it all turned out, and am looking forward to giving them all to my family & friends.

I am hoping to have the time to blog again before Christmas, but if I don’t I wish you and your families all a very happy and peaceful Christmas x


Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Designs 3 - Bobby Wrapped In Christmas Lights!

So today I have had a rare weekday off of work, which has given me time to finish off the last of my Christmas card designs for this year. My final design features Bobby Bunny this time wrapped up in Christmas lights and quite frankly looking a little confused. Once again he is sporting a little knitted Christmas jumper. Well it just had to be done! I hope that you like, and that all of your Christmas plans and shopping are coming together, only 11 days to go! Have a good evening x

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Designs 2 - Snow Angel Bella!

Good Evening! I am pleased so say that hot off the press, I have my second Christmas card design of this year to show you! I hope you like!
This is the first time that I have created a Bella design since my Christmas card in back 2010 which was featured in; "The Story of Bobby Bunny & My Illustrating so Far....." post in September. For those of you that don’t know Bella is Bobby bunnies little childhood friend. It was nice drawing her again, I like drawing a girly bunny here and there as it mixes it up a bit, plus I like being able to draw her in pretty little clothes. Me being me I thought that this would be quite a straightforward image to do, but as usual I underestimated the task in hand. As it so happens trying to make Bella look like she was making a convincing snow angel, was quite a challenge but I go there in the end!

On another note thanks for the First Anniversary wishes! We both had a lovely day and the hubby even sent me flowers to work which was very unexpected, as it's not the sort of thing that he normally does! In fact it almost made me tear up it was that unexpected, but what a lovely surprise. I think that he thought I was a bit ridiculous tearing up, as they were only flowers as he put it. But I don’t think that men realise that it's the thought behind them that means just as much, if not more to us women than the flowers themselves. We also enjoyed our meal out at a new restaurant near us, then went back opened the bubbly and stuck on our wedding DVD to reminisce as planned. All in all it was a great First Anniversary and we hope to have many more in the future!

I will leave you with a few pics of the flowers, have a good evening x



Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas Designs - Ice Skating Bobby!

Hello there! I hope that you well and thanks for popping in! Sorry that I haven't blogged for a bit again. My absence was due to the fact that I have been busy working away on some new Bobby Christmas designs! I love designing cards for Christmas as it's always been my favourite time of year. I love the cold nights, snuggling up on the sofa, the smells, lights, food, spending time with family, and the general magical feel you get in the air. Up until this year I have only ever done one Christmas design a year, as I usually end up running out of time. This year however I have had so many ideas that I have been working on three Bobby designs, one of which I have finished and the others will be soon to follow as they now just need colour. The first design that I have just finished this morning is Skating Bobby as you can see below:

I am pretty pleased with how he has turned out, although it did take a little while to get him from start to finish with generating the ideas, deciding on clothing, colour schemes and particularly the pose. As I had decided in my mind that I wanted him skating in motion, (oh how I like to make life difficult for myself!) It was a little challenging to get the pose of the feet right, but I persevered and after a few sketches I manage to crack it I think. Please let me know your thoughts.

Right I am now off to carry on with my next design for a bit before work, then I’m off for a meal with the hubby this evening as it is our first Wedding Anniversary. I don’t know where the time has gone, this last year has flown by it doesn't seem possible that it has been that long already. It was such a lovely day filled with so many happy memories and beautiful weather. I think that we may have to crack open a bottle of Champers tonight and reminisce watching our Wedding DVD. Have a good week x

Friday, 12 October 2012

A Busy Few Weeks!

As the title suggests we have had a busy few weeks around here, hence my lack of blogging! Both my husband and I have had a few weeks of which have been packed with three 30th birthday's including his, visiting and staying with the in-laws, and generally getting things done around that flat that never get done when we are working. I also finally got around to sorting out our wedding photo book now nearly a year after we got married. Still better late than never! As lovely as the last few weeks have been I am looking forward to getting some time to carry on with my Christmas card designs next week, which I shall put on here as soon as they are finished. Have a good weekend, and I will leave you with a pic of the 30th birthday football themed cupcakes that I made for the hubby, complete with a little Crystal Palace figure (his favourite team.) x

Friday, 28 September 2012

The Best Day Of the Month!

Today is the best day of the month! Not only because it's payday, but it's also the day that my favourite magazine Mollie Makes comes out! It's a lovely craft magazine that I discovered about a year ago. I was first attracted by the lovely magazine cover but it's also full of beautiful photography, craft projects from crochet to felting & interviews with lovely crafty people that have changed their hobbies into their day jobs. I find it very inspiring and love curling up on the sofa for a read. Oh the simple pleasures in life!

I have to say I am a sucker for craft magazines in general though and on today's outing to get Mollie Makes, I was drawn in by array of Christmas craft magazines that are all coming out. I know it's a little early to be talking Christmas but it's a time of year that I love! So I couldn't resist and came away with a few more magazines than I was intending!

Still never mind that's what bonus’s are for, and one does deserve a treat every now and again! Right I’m off for a little read to get inspiration for some Christmas card projects before work! Have a good weekend! x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Story of Bobby Bunny & My Illustrating so Far.....

Morning! I haven't had much of a chance to blog for the last week or so, but today I thought I would share a few of my past Bobby drawings with you, and a little about how my illustrating has developed to this point.

The image below is the first ever that I did of Bobby. He was born in 2007 the first year of my HND Illustration course, and was originally created as a cute character for a sideline greetings card project. I wanted to make a cute character that reflected both me, and the direction that I wanted to go in with my Illustration career and Bobby is what I came up with. It took many sketches of different poses and expressions to get him to this point but once he was there he stuck as my defining image.

Bobby Bunny Charater Original Black & White Sleepy Bunny Illustration - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends By Jennifer Keelan 2007

Throughout my course I continued to sketch away ideas and designs for Bobby, alongside my other projects. Then in 2008 I reworked my original image into colour so I could use it for my business cards, and so he would stand out more at our final HND show the New Designers Exhibition Islington.

Bobby Bunny Character Illustration, Original Colour - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends By Jennifer Keelan Illustration 2007
The exhibition went really well and I got allot of good feedback about my work, and some interest from a few agents which never really came to anything, but it was still nice to have people like my work. After this I took up more hours in my retail job to keep the money coming in, whilst still illustrating on the side. I did a few Christmas card designs which I sold to family and friends that year which went down well and helped me to keep my hand in and my focus.

Then in 2009 nearly a year after I graduated I got an e-mail from a greetings company who had kept my business card on file from my end of year show. They were looking to expand into doing cute cards and wanted perspective illustrators to help. I worked with a lovely woman named Paula and did about 70 odd rough sketches of all kinds of animals for her to find a potential character. At this point I didn't put Bobby forwards as I didn't feel he was ready for the world to see, plus he was a project that I wanted to pursue myself. In the end we got it down to a shortlist from my sketches of mouse, teddy and duck character. I then made the characters a little tighter and developed for her putting them into a number of different poses, as seen below.

In the end she chose the duck character with the balloon, who I named Dotty Duck. I continued working with Paula to develop both the pose and character, and after lots of e-mailing back and forth we finally ended up with the image below.

Dotty Duck Character Birthday Illustration - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends - By Jennife Keelan Illustration 2009
She then informed me that it was going to be put forward with a number of designs from other illustrators to the creative director. Unfortunately it didn't get chosen, but it was lovely to have the experience of working in a real situation and to have someone like my work, and think it was potentially good enough for publication. I feel that my work has progressed since then and that I could now do better, but as I say it was lovely to have the experience.

At this time I was also still continuing on working on developing Bobby and mocking him up into greetings cards. One of my first was the images seen below which I did in November 2009, a few months after I got engaged. It was an Anniversary/Valentines design, and I have always pictured these two as Bobby's Mummy and Daddy.

The next card design I did was for Christmas 2009, and it's the first design I did that featured Bobby's best friends Bella. She was originally going to be a sister, as I do picture Bobby having brothers and sisters. Maybe two or three, but I preferred the idea of her being a friend. I also did the image in black and white to so that it could be used within the card as a smaller image.

Bobby & Bella Bunny Character Black & White Christmas Illustration - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends By Jennifer Keelan 2009
Coming into 2010 Cupcake bunnies was my next design, again featuring Bella as well as Bobby. It was originally meant to be a card design, but turned out looking much more like a picture book image. I was still pretty pleased with it at the time; even though the expressions, face shapes, and fur finish still weren't right in my mind.

Bobby & Bella Bunny Character Illustration with Cupcakes - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends - By Jennifer Keelan Illustration 2010
To try and help get Bobby to be the character that I saw him as in my mind, I began to start looking in depth at allot more greeting card designs and designers that I liked, and seeing why I liked them. I also started going around the card shops and looking at all of the different brands and publishers, writing them down and getting a feel for what was in the market and what sold.

This gave me the inspiration and fresh eyes on things that I needed and my Bobby designs started to change. I remembered that when I worked with Paula she always wanted me to make the characters cuter, fluffier and softer, so I felt that this was exactly what Bobby needed. I started using pastel pencils along with the colouring pencils and watercolours I normally used, and still keeping true to my original Bobby character I came up with the image below:

Fairy Bun Bella Character - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends - By Jennifer Keelan Illustration 2010
This was fairy bun Bella who I designed to be used for thank you letters as well as cards. I was pretty pleased with how she turned out, feeling that I was getting closer to the finish that I wanted with the styling, colours and poses. The only thing that still wasn't quite right was the face shape and expression.

After getting closer to the character's that I wanted in the fairy Bella image I continued to work in this direction until I finally cracked the character that I wanted with my Christmas 2010 design, expression, face shape and all. It was the turning point for me and the first time since I had done my original Bobby Bunny image, that I had got the characters exactly as I saw them in my mind.

Bobby Bunny Presents & Snow Christams Illustration - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends - By Jennifer Keelan Illustration 2010

 After this image the illustration got put on hold for pretty much the whole of the following year, as I needed to work as many hours as possible in order to save together for my impending wedding in Nov 2011. I also spent all of my spare time making everything for the wedding from the invites, table plans and menus to the favours.

We had an amazing wedding and amazing weather considering it was November, a lovely sunny perfect day which flew by followed by Christmas and the New Year. By this time we had begun to settle into married life with me moving in properly with all my stuff, not just myself which it had been up until this point. I also got the chance to set up my new studio space in our spare room.

Then finally in May of this year we were settled enough that I could cut back down to part time hours and get stuck into my Illustration once and for all. It was nice to finally get back into doing a proper project, and working on Bobby. I started off with a logo design which I worked on with a friend for her new Twins club. For this I used a few Bobby like characters, but just made them a bit cleaner looking as it was a logo. It was nice to do something a little different from usual, and it had also been a long time since I had done illustrated typography, which I used for the title and promo leaflets that I also produced for her. I was pretty pleased with the way the finished design turned out and so was she.

After this in June 2012 I decided to make a card for my friends up and coming wedding. They were having a country style wedding with Indian type Tipi's, in the grounds of a local castle. So I decided to make a card to reflect this, and this is what I came out with:

Bobby Bunny Wedding Image - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends - By Jennifer Keelan 2012

I was pretty pleased with the outcome in terms of the composition, characters and general colours. The only bit that didn't come out quite as well as I hoped was the background, as I think it ended up making it look more like a picture book image than that of a greetings card. Looking back I should have made it simpler and less detailed. I was going for a dusky sunset feeling but it ended up looking a little muddy. I may rework it sometime in the future, but this is how it is for now.

So that pretty much takes you fully up to date with the goings on of Bobby and my Illustration over the past few years. The only other image I have done recently is the Bobby image that I have used for my banner at the top of this blog, which you have probably noticed is another re-work from my first ever bobby image. I did it this time because I still love the image as a trademark of my illustrations but I just felt he needed updating to be more in line with my present style. I am really happy with the colours and finish of how he has turned out.

Reworked Bobby Bunny Sleepy Bun Image - Copyright Bobby Bunny & Friends - By Jennifer Keelan Illustration 2012

So onto gathering ideas for my next project! Now my blog is all set up I am going to start putting together some new ideas for bobby bunny, and working towards a Christmas design too. Thanks for reading sorry it was a bit of a long winded post, but please come back soon x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Little About My Inspiration for Bobby Bunny & Friends!

I have always had a love of art and animals, and it was when I was at college that I decided to combine the two loves, and go down the route of wanting to be an illustrator. As I have said before my bunnies have always been a big part of my life and the inspiration for my characters. So even though they recently passed away, I feel I should tell you a little about them and how I gained my love of bunnies. I will try not to go on too much, but here goes..... Ever since I set eyes on some baby bunnies on a farm trip at the age of ten I have been hooked. After nagging my parents for a year to be able to have a bunny they finally gave in, and I got my first rabbit a mini Rex named Dusty for my eleventh birthday in 1999. I loved him very much but he died very suddenly at the age of only one and a half of unknown causes, leaving me devastated. After this I wasn’t sure I could face the pain of having and losing more bunnies, but it was worse seeing the hutch all empty. I then fell in love with two little baby lop bunnies in 2000 that we called Milly & Molly. They were two cheeky, mischievous and affectionate little bunnies; Milly was brown and white & Molly black and white.

My Mill & Moll
Milly was always the dominant one, the dopey one, the cheeky one and could be a bit of a bully towards her sister occasionally. Molly was the little one, she was also the adventurous one, until the age of seven when she got cataracts and became completely blind. She still managed to live a happy life, going up and down the steps in her hutch and the garden. But she did become more reliant on Milly, and she would look out for little Moll. They both lived the good life and were very lazy, which is probably something to do with having an owner that pampered them a bit too much! They never even tried to dig holes anywhere, as it involved far too much effort! But they’re favourite past time was always eating! They both lived long happy fulfilled lives, until Molly passed away at the grand old age of eleven and a half in Oct 2012, closely followed by Milly three month later in Jan 2012. I miss them both very much as they were a huge part of my life, but they still continue to inspire my work though my memories of them. Anyway enough about my bunnies. (I could go on, but I don't want to bore you to death.)........x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


So finally here goes then, my first ever blog post! I am Jenny, and as you can see from the info about me on the right I'm striving to become a professional Illustrator, and am just beginning to set up freelance. So after being inspired by all of the lovely creative blogs out there, particularly that of Julie Williams over at Little Cotton Rabbits, who I have been following for many years now. I thought I would set up my own little blog to share my thoughts and display my work, as I embark into the world of freelance Illustration. So a little bit about my illustration! I love to draw animal characters, in watercolours and colouring pencils, and as I am a bit bunny mad I mainly draw bunnies! At the moment I have one little character that I have been focusing on for a while now. He’s called Bobby Bunny, hence the name of the blog and is displayed on my banner at the top of this page. I have been slowly developing him since I created him on my HND course in 2007. He has become the image that represents me and what I do, and is also on my business cards. He is not fully developed yet but I am getting there now, so I intend to develop him through this blog, and create in time little stories, friends and eventually an Etsy shop for him with a card range and gifts. I already have one story idea that I have written for him titled: "But I'm Not Sleepy Yet!" Which I also wrote on my HND course, and will show you at a later date! Up until relatively recently I worked on my illustrations from my bedroom/studio at my parents house. But after getting married at the end of last year, have had to scale down a fair bit into the spare bedroom of the flat that I share with my husband. As you can see from the pics below I am a bit of a hoarder! I love to keep things that inspire me around the place. I get inspired by all sorts! I love cute things, colours, pretty things, home style, patterns, gingham, buttons, I’m a sucker for anything with spots or stripes, and love anything creative, but most of all bunnies! I work on my illustrations as much as I can, but also have a part-time job in retail to subsidise me until I hopefully get up and running.

Old Studio Space
New Studio Space
Anyway I think I have gone on enough now, for a first post. Take care. I will write more soon....x