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Saturday, 30 January 2016

New Bobby Bunny & Friends Product Launch Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! I just thought that I would pop by quickly let you know about an exciting new Bobby Bunny and Friends product that I am hoping to launch in my Etsy shop very soon! The new product is something that I have been planning on having in my shop for a while, but that I haven't got around to fully developing until now. The product in question is going to be a framed print which can be used as "nursery art" with the baby's name and meaning on it. I finally got around to putting it together after my sister asked me if I could make something for a friends little girls first birthday, and below you can see the result:

I had to play around with the composition a little and decide on fonts, image placement, and where I was going to add the buttons in order to keep the design consistent with my cards but I got there in the end. Originally I wasn't intending on having glitter, or the name meaning on the print, but when I found out that the little girl's name Esme meant "loved," "to love," or "beloved," I just had to add it. It seemed so apt as this little girl is particularly special having been born at only 26 and a half weeks after her mum developed pre-eclampsia. Things were touch and go to begin with especially with mum, but after nearly three months in hospital Esme came home a couple of weeks before her original due date and has thrived ever since. She is now a gorgeous bubbly little girl who is already up, cruising, and hitting all of her developmental goals, so she needed an extra special first birthday present to help celebrate!

To start with I will just offer this image on my Etsy shop with personalisation, which is already available on there in card form. But in time I hope to be able to add more images and new ones to the range, as well as offering different size options etc for the prints and different personalisation i.e. birth date etc. I may also possibly tweak the frame before I put it on my shop and still need to work out pricing etc, but I am hoping that it won't be too long until it is available.
In other news I had a rare Saturday off last weekend and got to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend, and the second of her two Maids' Of Honour (me being the other.) We went to a lovely little wedding dress shop in Arundel that she had already visited with her mum, in order to help her decided on one of three dresses that she had seen. We ruled out one quite quickly, but really struggled between the other two! They both looked gorgeous, but she so slim and dainty that she would look amazing in anything so it was so hard to decided! We also all had a few tears when we saw her in one of the dresses which I wasn't expecting! But we got there in the end and left with one wedding dress ordered, before going and having a hot drink and cake! It was such a lovely day not just because of the dresses, but also because we don't all get to catch up much or have lunch together that often. Plus my fellow Maid of Honour doesn't get much baby free time these days with having a gorgeous ten month old little boy.

Moving forward to toady, well it has been a pretty lazy one! It is very rare that I do nothing on a day off, but after a long week at work today was one of those days! It started off quite productive with me doing my workout DVD, but with the mounting housework from the week not being particularly enticing I decided to hibernate and catch-up on TV instead. Especially since the weather was so rubbish, having returned to being wet and windy after our brief snap of cold days sunny day's, plus the smallest amount of snow. Below you can see me snuggled up with some warning soup! 
I did however eventually come to life doing my chores and making dinner at a about 5:30ish! So I wasn't totally lazy in the end!
I hope that you are all well and that you have settled into the New Year. I can't believe that we are at the end of Jan already! Have a good weekend! x

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Mill & Moll! x

Today marks four years since I lost the second of my two bunnies Milly at the grand old age of eleven and a half, having lost her sister my Molly just three months previous. Even after all this time I sill miss them so much, and not a day goes by where I don't think about them. But rather than dwell on the bad I have instead finally got around to putting together some of my favourite clips and pics of them, and have made them into a little video which I hope reflects the personalities of my cheeky little monkeys! I hope that you enjoy! x

(Ps. Before you watch it you may need to hover over the video image once it has loaded and press the un-mute button, as it seems to mute the music automatically for some reason.)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Christmas Catch-up, a New Year, and New Horizons!

Hello everyone! Here we are for my first post of 2016 how crazy is that! I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and I wish you all health and happiness for the year to come! I can't quite believe that it has all gone by quite so quickly, but I did have a lovely time!

The run up to Christmas was rather busy for us as always with work and social events. Christmas Eve Eve saw us going to the hubby's sisters for our annual Secret Santa giving, and meal which we do between us and his siblings. I made sure that I was suitably in the festive mood for this by wearing my Mrs Santa outfit which I had worn to work that day, to accompany the many festive jumpers and reindeer antlers that I had been wearing over the past weeks.

Christmas Eve I actually managed to get off work for only the 2nd time in the last eleven years so I was determined to make the most of it, especially since the last one I had off a few years back was predominately spent in traffic trying to get the hubby to work and back due to flooding. So this year I had a lazy morning as my hubby was at work, and then spent a fair proportion of the day wrapping presents whilst listening to Christmas music. I then went off to the annual Christingle Service our local church with my mum and nan, which we have attend nearly every year since I was a child. There is nothing quite like a Christingle service and a bit of carol singing to get you into the Christmas spirit, and it was an especially good service this year too.

We then came home my sister and I helped mum to lay the table ready for Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve night I stayed at my parents whilst my hubby stayed up at his mum's in Croydon. We do love spending Christmas together but often alternate it between him coming to my parents and him going to his mum's, as I have never had a Christmas away from home and have quite a small family in comparison to him. One day I will go with him to his mums but it works for us for now and everyone understands why we do it, so it will remain that way until then.

Before he left for work that morning he surprised me with this lovely white chocolate Snowman and Snowdog, as he knows that I love the animation and white chocolate! We don't normaly give each other presents unless there is something that we really want so it was a lovely thought, and in return I got him a calendar of his favourite football team.

Christmas Day came and was a lovely chilled family day! First thing my sister and I opened all of the lovely prezzies in our stockings, (yes we may be grown up but mum still makes us stockings and we love it!) before my friend and parents neighbour popped around with her gorgeous five year twin boys so that I could give them their presents. We then opened more presents from the family, the best part of which was seeing mum open her special present from our dad. He hadn't told anyone including her what it was but it turned out that he had gone and got their wedding video converted to DVD in secret so that they would be able to watch it once again, being that they have been married for 30 years this year! He wasn't sure whether she would like it or not but it is safe to say that he did well, and there were lots of happy tears!

I also received lots of lovely presents and was thoroughly spoilt! Many of which were bunny related of course as you can see below!

After opening all of our presents we then sat down to a traditional turkey Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings, which was cooked by my mum and was as delicious as always! Fun and games where then had around the dinner table before we settled down for the evening shutting out the wet weather and watching "Call The Midwife," as well as the last ever "Downton Abbey."

On Boxing Day the family and I briefly caught up with my Aunty, Uncle, and cousins at my parents local, before I then went off to be reunited with my hubby at his dads which is only a short drive away from my parents. We had another family day there with the hubby's siblings, our nephews, niece, and extended family. There were 21 of us there altogether so it was pretty hectic, but we all had a fab time and the kids loved playing the "Pie Face" game. Which is basically a game with a dice and turner that has a a hand, that may or may not hit you in the face with whipped cream depending on how many times you have to turn the dial on your go! Cue lots of laughter from everyone each time someone got "pie faced!"

Luckily the day after Boxing Day I had the day off, so was able to chill briefly at home with the hubby after all of the excitement! I think that this year has to be the longest Christmas break I have ever had from my retail job, a whole four days! I always wish that I had a desk job of some sort at this time of year as the hubby and most others get a good two week break which I would so love to have, but I was grateful for my four days nevertheless!

New Year's Eve was then welcomed in by the hubby and I first attending our Sister in Laws 80's themed 30th birthday, for which I was dressed in a full on Madonna fide outfit! Complete with lace leggings, black tutu, a black top, sparkly jacket with leopard print trim, and crimped hair with a black velvet hair bow! Needless to say I looked the part along with many others in their outfits, including the birthday girl who was dressed up as She Ra, her hubby as Tom Cruise in Top Gun, a Baywatch babe, two Smurfs, Freddie Mercury and Super girl to name but a few! I then spent the second half of the evening at another house party hosted by my best friend. A fab time was had a both but I was definitely feeling a little fragile to say the least on New Year's Day along with many others I am sure!

So that's that! All of the festivities over just like that for another year!

Whilst I am here I just want to say a massive thank you to you all for continuing to follow my little blog for another year, especially when Bobby Bunny hasn't made much of an appearance for a while! I am hoping that this will change very soon though, with a lot more Bobby Bunny work and products appearing in the coming year! Your support really does mean the world to me so thank you again!

Right I am now I am off to write some Christmas thank you letters in these lovely bunny cards that I found!

Plus to very reluctantly take down the Christmas decorations! Here's to good things in 2016 though! x