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Monday, 7 August 2017

Three Week Round Up!

Hello everyone! I hope that you've all had a good three weeks!

Since I last blogged I have started the little part-time job as a gift advisor that I mentioned in my last post, and I have to say that I am really loving it! The 15 hours a week are perfect to balance around my illustrating, plus the job is so me too! I'm really enjoying learning about how the gift and card market works on a wholesale basis, and generally find the place very inspiring to work. Plus my colleagues and customers alike are all lovely, so I am really happy that I found the opportunity and took the job there.

I have also been busy completing customer orders for Bobby Bunny & Friends, having completed the heart plaques that I mentioned in my last post and gaining another, as well as a number of card orders. I still have a way to go to get to the point that I want to be at, but I am definitely heading in the right direction and again I'm still really enjoying it. Below you can see the first of my heart plaque orders that went out just after I last blogged.

As well as this general life has continued to be quite busy on the social front, but has calmed down a bit from the last few months. 

Firstly three weekends back I went down to Chichester with my mum to visit my Nan. As usual we had brunch in out favorite cafe and had a little mooch around the city, where I bought a few new outfits for work (as I now get to dress up a bit in my new role, which is rather nice compared to my last retail role.) 

We had a lovely day as usual despite the grey weather, and below you can see a rather moody looking Chichester Cathedral against the grey backdrop. 

The following weekend was then the "Hen Day/Night" of my sister-in-law to be, for which we went to the races and also had afternoon tea. Unfortunately once again the weather wasn't the greatest with scattered showers and the odd bit of sunshine later in the day, but we still enjoyed ourselves!

I'd personally never been to the races before and hadn't ever bet on a horse/been into betting either, but I gave it a go just putting a small amount on over four races for a bit of fun, and ended up winning something on 3 out of four races which was pretty good considering I had no idea what I was doing.

The afternoon tea was also lovely, and the Maid Of Honour did such a good job of setting up the tables beautifully for us.

Below you can see a few pics from the day.

The weekend after that involved family celebrations for Mum's birthday, which consisted of us going to a Chinese restaurant for Sunday lunch.

I had never been to the restaurant before but it was lovely, the staff were really nice, and the food was just gorgeous. Afterwards we then went back to my parents for cake, games of Uno, and a few drinks in the garden being that the weather was a bit brighter that day, if not a little windy!

We all enjoyed spending the day together and mum was thoroughly spoilt!

Below you can see some of the yummy Chinese and lemon swiss roll that we all enjoyed!

Last Tuesday I then had the pleasure of going to meet my friends baby Freya, who I mentioned in my last post. She was just gorgeous as expected! I got to have lots of cuddles with her as she was fast asleep on me, and apparently was the most settled that she had been for them all day, typically! But mum, dad, and baby, were all doing well especially since she was three weeks early and had to be delivered quite quickly by c-section as mum had virtually no waters left. I think that dad is struggling a bit with juggling sleepless nights with being back at work as a police officer, but they are both enjoying being first time parents! She has also been introduced to their two bunnies who are also adjusting to her too as, as I mentioned in my last post Freya's mum is another crazy bunny lady like myself! I just can't believe that their little lady is four weeks old already, and I can't wait to see her again!

So that takes us to this weekend just gone which was a relatively chilled affair, for which we attended the garden party of some of the hubby's extended family on sat.

I think that I have mentioned it on here before as it tends to be a yearly affair where my hubby's stepdads sister-in-law who is now sadly widowed, invites all of the friends and neighbours around for the garden party.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't too great once again! To be honest I don't think that the weather knows whether it's been coming or going over the last few weeks or so, with there being lots of April shower like downpours one minute, with it starting to feel like Autumn the next, to bright sunshine, clear skies, and it feeling like summer again after that! I have to say though that I am happy that the mugginess that we've been having has gone now though!

So anyway once we got the off the train at the station for the garden party the heavens opened, and when I say opened I mean torrential rain and localized flooding within the space of about 10-15mins! Needless to say we stayed in the shelter of the station foyer until it passed, and then the minute that it stopped the sun was out again! But being the power that it has at this time of year despite the amount of rain it soon all dried up and the ground was pretty much dry once again, leaving us to enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon/evening with the hog roast and DJ that they laid on.

We all had a lovely time, and below you can see a few pics including the lovely sunset over the Surrey Hills which overlook their garden.

 The heavy rain that greeted us at the station, and the sun that greeted us by the time we walked to, and arrived at the garden party 

We enjoyed Prosecco and jelly vodka shots as well as the hog roast and DJ, and were left with this glorious sunset over the Surrey Hills that evening

So that's everything that has been going on here over the past three weeks really.

On the Florrie front the little monkey is now weighing in at 2.1kg, her dewlap has been developing more, and has been being as cheeky as ever!

The other week we woke up to find that the cardboard tube that she had been chewing on the night before had been chewed flat, and then she had somehow then managed to post it through the bars on to the floor! Then last week we woke up to find that she had moved her ladder across the hutch! The crazy little bun! 

Above left: Florrie looking very proud at managing get what was left of her cardboard tube out of her hutch! Above right: Florrie also looking very proud of her efforts to move her ladder across the hutch!

 Above: Florrie on the same morning as we found the moved ladder, doing her usual morning routine of gnawing the bars to summon us for her breakfast! 

She was also a little naughty the other week too, as when I went to pick her up from the sofa to put her back in her hutch after her morning run, she launched and went for the back of my hand which is rather unusual for her. We have had her nip here and there on the odd occasion but never maliciously, so needless to say the little monkey got put back and had a telling off! I'm pretty sure that it was her hormones as she has been grumpier than usual when I go to pick her up as of late, but as soon as I have hold of her or go to stroke her she is  absolutely fine. But even so I nipped the behavior in the bud at the time, and we haven't had any incidents since. 

We have however also had bunny drama too! As one morning on the week before last Florrie was out on the sofa as usual for her morning run, I had gone to quickly put something in the bin then as I came back in the room something outside really spooked her. I have never seen her so petrified before it was like she was being chased by a fox and she was just darting backwards and forwards across the sofa. I couldn't stop her and knew that if I tried to chase her too much that it would just make her worse! All I could see was her ending up hurting herself as she continued to dart about knocking things over on the coffee table next to the sofa, and as I continued to helplessly try and catch her. Eventually she ended up skidding across the coffee table and onto the wooden floor where I managed to catch and comfort her, by which time her heart was going, as was mine! We were both quite traumatized by it, but thankfully she was OK!

I knew that it must have been something out of the ordinary that scared her though as she comes out on the sofa everyday, as it's one of the only places that she likes to go and we have never had anything like that happen before! If anything does spook her like the postman putting letters through the door she normally just runs to the end of the sofa and hides around the back of the arm, but this was very different! I did however get to the bottom of it in the end though, as it transpires that some workers had been out on the road nearby filling in a pot hole. They were very quiet though as I didn't even know that they were there, so I can only assume that it was the vibrations that they made in the ground whilst fixing it were what she felt. She has been fine since thankfully if not a little more jumpy when out, and clingier towards me than usual which is understandable.

Below you can see that she is now back to her chilled self, having afternoon naps and sunbathing! Plus if you follow me on Instagram you will have also seen that she has been continuing to enjoy chasing and grooming her "Nutbrown Hare."

Thank you for visiting as always and I hope that you've all had a good start to the working week! I'm now off to eat a rather late dinner of sausage risotto, made from a recipe within in Joe Wicks's new book that I first tried the other week. It past the taste test with the hubby then, and turned out pretty well for a first attempt too as you can see below, so I thought that I'd make it again!