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Friday, 9 September 2016

It's September & Time To Chill & Celebrate My 4th Blogging Birthday!

September is here and it's arrival has meant that the kids finally return to school whoop whoop!

For most people August signals the arrival of summer holidays and chill out times, but for myself and my fellow colleagues it signals our busiest time of year, lots of stress, overtime and not a holiday in sight! So needless to say I am the opposite of most as when comes to September appearing, and rather than mourning the end of the summer I am happy with the thought of finally having some downtime and looking forward to the temperatures dropping with Autumn just around the corner!

Being that I have been so busy at work over August has meant that home life has been pretty quiet around here over the last month, with the exception of the Bank Holiday weekend when I had the wedding of a college friend.

It was held locally at a beautiful privately owned venue that was built back in the 17th century and regularly has it's gardens open to the public. It also turned out to be one of the warmest and most humid days of the year! If I am honest as lovely as it was it was a little too warm especially when we were all dressed up for the occasion, so most guests found themselves sheltering away from the sun after being out in the courtyard for a while. We all had a lovely time though as did the couple in question. Below you can see just a few pictures of the day!

Not only was the wedding held on beautiful day, but as with most of July August has been warm sunny and very humid here with very little rainfall. Even now coming into September although the weather has broken a little with a bit more wind and rainfall, it is still very humid!

As I mentioned in my last post I can't wait for the Autumn to come and for the temperature to drop! It is not quite here just yet but there are a few signs that it's on it's way. For example, the fact that the nights are beginning to draw in, that the temperature has come down very slightly and that our little resident owl has returned! 

I just love getting into woolly jumpers, snuggling up with a hot chocolate and the colours of Autumn. There is also something about the coming season that always gets me feeling inspired and creative, so watch this space for some new Bobby Bunny work! 

This probably also explains the fact that why on the 4th of this month way back in 2012 that I decided to start my little blog based around my Bobby Bunny illustrations, and my desire to become a professional illustrator. It's crazy how the last four year have flown by and how much things have changed in that time both with my illustrating and personal life, as I have not only set up my blog but also my website, Facebook page, and I have also begun selling my Bobby Bunny cards on Etsy producing 11 different designs to date, and making 56 sales so far just based on it ticking though of its own accord. 

Equally I have not been able to blog, produce as much work, or as many products as I would have liked in this time, or been able to start marketing my little business yet due to commitments with my retail job and buying and decorating our first property, which was a massive achievement for us! But I am really happy with how it has gone so far, about the positive feedback that I have had from both customers and other bloggers that spur me on to achieve my dream of making my way in this difficult industry, and for the friends that I have made through my blogging journey. Thank you for visiting and for all of your support over the years, and for making up part of my 27450 views!           

I hope that you all have a lovely week and that you enjoy the coming weekend! I have part one of my best friends hen do to look forward to, but right now as usually happens after the busy holiday period at work I am trying to ward off a head cold that is on the horizon by sipping Lemsip! x