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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Christmas, New Year and A Florrie Update!

Hello everyone! I know that it is a bit late now but I hope that you all had a very Happy Christmas, New Year, and that you have all had a good start to 2017 so far!

We had a lovely one, but it did go oh so very quickly! Especially since as I mentioned in my last post I only had Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, so it meant that I had a lot to fit into the space of a few days!

Christmas Day was spent at my parents along with the hubby, my sister her boyfriend and our Nan. It was a lovely chilled out day as our Christmas's generally are which involved stocking opening, a lovely Christmas roast cooked by my mum which was followed by more present opening, watching the Queen's speech and chilling out for the evening to watch TV. Whereas Boxing Day was by comparison was pretty hectic as we spent it with the hubby's mum, step-dad, three brothers and their wives and partners, his sister and her fiance, two of his step-brothers, our three nephews and niece, his Nan and step-Nan plus Ralphy the dog in Croydon! Again it was a lovely day spent catching-up with family and his mum put on a lovely spread as always with soo much food! We did however have fun getting there and nearly didn't make it at all due to the way that Southern trains at the moment!

I have never liked the idea of driving to Croydon (even though I have had a license since I was 18) due to the all of the hustle and bustle and motorway driving, plus the hubby has only been driving for a year and isn't too keen either so as I say we normally take the train up there. On Boxing Day however we generally drive to my hubby's work and walk to the nearest station from there, as we often can't get trains there and back from our local station. So this year we did the same as we always do having checked that there were no rail strikes and that the trains were running. However on getting to the station after 20mins of lugging the Christmas presents to the station we found that trains were being cancelled all over the place and that it would be another good hour before we could get one there, and who knows if we would have been able to get back again! We were also running pretty late at this point as it was, since being that were both pretty knackered we ended up lying in and sorting out Florrie for longer than we probably should have done! So at this point the hubby was ready to go home and just chill, but it wasn't fair on him for us not to see his family over Christmas so I said that I would bite the bullet and drive there even though I really didn't want too! So after another 20min walk back to the car with all the presents and after an hour drive later, which went much smoother than I thought it would we arrived at his mums.

Below you can see a few pics from our Christmas.

The table all laid for Christmas dinner at my parents and their Christmas tree 

  My yummy Christmas dinner with a starter of smoked salmon and cream cheese on Bellini's, with a cucumber garnish and lemon for seasoning, a main of turkey with stuffing veggies, gravy and pigs in blankets, and a dessert of "Chocolate Bomb" with cream. 

The rather festive destruction that was left in my parents front room after we had opened all of our presents, Mum with her cuddly "Buster" from the John Lewis Christmas ad that I got her, and leftover turkey in sandwiches along with stuffing that was eaten along with my new favourite Christmas drink M&S Egg Nog Cream a few days after the festivities!

The bunnified clothes and goodies that I received for Christmas.

The day after Boxing Day the hubby went for Christmas celebrations around his Dad's and his partner, again along with all of his brothers and sister, nephews, niece, and their partners. Unfortunately I couldn't make due to work, but I did manage to catch-up with them after briefly!

Since then things have just been pretty hectic as I have been rushed off of my feet at work over the last week few weeks, and having worked all of last weekend too I have been pretty knackered. This meant that I seemed to brew brewing some sort of sore throat and coughing lurgy, which thankfully didn't really turn into anything in the end! It was due to be honest though as most other people at work have been ill recently, plus the hubby was struck down with something just before New Year too. Which usually tends to happen when he has a break from work.

We did however have a lovely New Year which, was spent with my best friend and her husband and another couple of friends who have all moved slightly out of town now. So with us all wanting to drink we decided to get a hotel room, start off at one of theirs and then make our way out to a black tie function that we had got tickets for at their local rock bar. We all had a fab time and it was nice to go somewhere different for a change as well as get all dressed up, especially since I have barely been out with my best friend since her wedding back in October!

On the Florrie front the little monkey continues to be a little pickle, and is still growing well! I weighed her on New Year's Day and she was weighing in at 1.3kg and again yesterday and she is now 1.4kg the little fatty! So I think that it is safe to say that she is going to be more Lionhead size than Netherland Dwarf, as she is now over the weight that a Netherland Dwarf should be. As I said in my last post she is long rather than chubby, but she is starting to fill out a little now. She is also less fluffy that she was having now shed her baby coat, meaning that her fur is now much shorter from her bum to her shoulders, where it then goes a bit longer and fluffier toward her head. She still has her fluffy tufts on her head although maybe not quite as much as before and she has now lost her fluffy bum! I'm not sure how much more she will shed her fur or grow, but I am hoping at now just over 4 and a half months that she is nearly fully grown otherwise she will outgrow her hutch!

Below you can see the size comparison of the first photo that I took of her when we got home, and one that I took a week or so ago!
The little madams nails are also getting pretty sharp but as of yet they are not long enough to cut so I have inevitably ended up with scratches mainly on my chest, where she likes to scrabble when I first get her out and get in her comfortable position of bum up towards my neck and her head down on my chest. On that point coming out is something that she is not to keen on at the moment as she is starting to get to know her own mind! She loves coming up to you for strokes whilst in the hutch and she loves being out and climbing on and being stroked by us when she is out, plus she's not too bad being held once she is out. But when it comes to getting her out she has taken more often than not to doing a reversing act when I go to get her out, which usually leads to her having to be coaxed out with a food stick once this starts.

She also enjoyed her first Christmas and opening the jingle ball that we got her along with the pet friendly Christmas cracker! I do have a video of it that I am trying to get onto my Bobby Bunny and Friends Instagram page along with her doing a little dance to the Christmas no.1, but as of yet I seem to be struggling to get them to upload! She has also continued her love affair with chewing as little bunnies generally do and has now taken to knocking over and chewing on her hay cart, so much so that I have now had to turn one of its wheels the other way where it has been chewed so much otherwise it wouldn't stand up!

On a related note we had slight bunny dramas the other day when it came to taking the decorations down on the twelfth night, as when I went to take down the Christmas jumper garland that I had hanging across the front room the drawing pin flew out and went straight into Florrie's hutch! Cue panic from me as I couldn't find the thing anywhere, which meant that she had to be fished out again after having just been out and the hubby and I had to set about dismantling the hutch and fully cleaning her out at gone 11:30pm just because we couldn't risk her coming to harm on it!

The little monkey is such a character and makes us laugh so much and we melt every time we look at her cute little face, even if she is being a pickle! I still can't believe how quickly she has grown and I don't really feel like I got that many pictures of her as a baby, but in reality I have loads! Below you can see just a small selection of the many pics that I have taken of her in order from when we got her seven weeks ago to now.

So that pretty much round ups up most things that I have been going on here on and since Christmas!

In terms of this week we had a bit of a snow storm that started here about 6pm on Thursday evening. It was pretty heavy at the time and settled even though it had been raining all day! I was just leaving work as it started and met my hubby on the way back. I love snow so was rather like an excited child, but by the time that we had made the 10-15min walk home we were drenched and I looked like a panda from where my mascara had run!

But by a few hour later it had stopped leaving us with a small covering of snow, but overnight it froze meaning that the roads and pavements were like an ice rink by the morning. Luckily I didn't have work the next day, but I took the hubby to work early meaning that it was pretty slippy out there until we got to the main roads. But then come the afternoon it was all gone as if it never happened!

Below you can see a few pics of the snow that we did get. Like I say it wasn't a lot, but enough to get me excited as it was our first snowfall in two years!

 The snow just after it started as I left work.
  The view from our window by the time we returned home.

If you had snow I hope that you all stayed safe and kept warm. I also hope that you are all having a good weekend too! Being that I worked all of last weekend off I have had this one off so it has been lovely to just chill with the hubby this weekend after a pretty hectic fer weeks! I was also fortunate enough to end up with Friday and Monday off too, so I have now ended up with a four day break and hope to get plenty done over the next few days!

Thanks as always for visiting! x