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Monday, 7 August 2017

Three Week Round Up!

Hello everyone! I hope that you've all had a good three weeks!

Since I last blogged I have started the little part-time job as a gift advisor that I mentioned in my last post, and I have to say that I am really loving it! The 15 hours a week are perfect to balance around my illustrating, plus the job is so me too! I'm really enjoying learning about how the gift and card market works on a wholesale basis, and generally find the place very inspiring to work. Plus my colleagues and customers alike are all lovely, so I am really happy that I found the opportunity and took the job there.

I have also been busy completing customer orders for Bobby Bunny & Friends, having completed the heart plaques that I mentioned in my last post and gaining another, as well as a number of card orders. I still have a way to go to get to the point that I want to be at, but I am definitely heading in the right direction and again I'm still really enjoying it. Below you can see the first of my heart plaque orders that went out just after I last blogged.

As well as this general life has continued to be quite busy on the social front, but has calmed down a bit from the last few months. 

Firstly three weekends back I went down to Chichester with my mum to visit my Nan. As usual we had brunch in out favorite cafe and had a little mooch around the city, where I bought a few new outfits for work (as I now get to dress up a bit in my new role, which is rather nice compared to my last retail role.) 

We had a lovely day as usual despite the grey weather, and below you can see a rather moody looking Chichester Cathedral against the grey backdrop. 

The following weekend was then the "Hen Day/Night" of my sister-in-law to be, for which we went to the races and also had afternoon tea. Unfortunately once again the weather wasn't the greatest with scattered showers and the odd bit of sunshine later in the day, but we still enjoyed ourselves!

I'd personally never been to the races before and hadn't ever bet on a horse/been into betting either, but I gave it a go just putting a small amount on over four races for a bit of fun, and ended up winning something on 3 out of four races which was pretty good considering I had no idea what I was doing.

The afternoon tea was also lovely, and the Maid Of Honour did such a good job of setting up the tables beautifully for us.

Below you can see a few pics from the day.

The weekend after that involved family celebrations for Mum's birthday, which consisted of us going to a Chinese restaurant for Sunday lunch.

I had never been to the restaurant before but it was lovely, the staff were really nice, and the food was just gorgeous. Afterwards we then went back to my parents for cake, games of Uno, and a few drinks in the garden being that the weather was a bit brighter that day, if not a little windy!

We all enjoyed spending the day together and mum was thoroughly spoilt!

Below you can see some of the yummy Chinese and lemon swiss roll that we all enjoyed!

Last Tuesday I then had the pleasure of going to meet my friends baby Freya, who I mentioned in my last post. She was just gorgeous as expected! I got to have lots of cuddles with her as she was fast asleep on me, and apparently was the most settled that she had been for them all day, typically! But mum, dad, and baby, were all doing well especially since she was three weeks early and had to be delivered quite quickly by c-section as mum had virtually no waters left. I think that dad is struggling a bit with juggling sleepless nights with being back at work as a police officer, but they are both enjoying being first time parents! She has also been introduced to their two bunnies who are also adjusting to her too as, as I mentioned in my last post Freya's mum is another crazy bunny lady like myself! I just can't believe that their little lady is four weeks old already, and I can't wait to see her again!

So that takes us to this weekend just gone which was a relatively chilled affair, for which we attended the garden party of some of the hubby's extended family on sat.

I think that I have mentioned it on here before as it tends to be a yearly affair where my hubby's stepdads sister-in-law who is now sadly widowed, invites all of the friends and neighbours around for the garden party.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't too great once again! To be honest I don't think that the weather knows whether it's been coming or going over the last few weeks or so, with there being lots of April shower like downpours one minute, with it starting to feel like Autumn the next, to bright sunshine, clear skies, and it feeling like summer again after that! I have to say though that I am happy that the mugginess that we've been having has gone now though!

So anyway once we got the off the train at the station for the garden party the heavens opened, and when I say opened I mean torrential rain and localized flooding within the space of about 10-15mins! Needless to say we stayed in the shelter of the station foyer until it passed, and then the minute that it stopped the sun was out again! But being the power that it has at this time of year despite the amount of rain it soon all dried up and the ground was pretty much dry once again, leaving us to enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon/evening with the hog roast and DJ that they laid on.

We all had a lovely time, and below you can see a few pics including the lovely sunset over the Surrey Hills which overlook their garden.

 The heavy rain that greeted us at the station, and the sun that greeted us by the time we walked to, and arrived at the garden party 

We enjoyed Prosecco and jelly vodka shots as well as the hog roast and DJ, and were left with this glorious sunset over the Surrey Hills that evening

So that's everything that has been going on here over the past three weeks really.

On the Florrie front the little monkey is now weighing in at 2.1kg, her dewlap has been developing more, and has been being as cheeky as ever!

The other week we woke up to find that the cardboard tube that she had been chewing on the night before had been chewed flat, and then she had somehow then managed to post it through the bars on to the floor! Then last week we woke up to find that she had moved her ladder across the hutch! The crazy little bun! 

Above left: Florrie looking very proud at managing get what was left of her cardboard tube out of her hutch! Above right: Florrie also looking very proud of her efforts to move her ladder across the hutch!

 Above: Florrie on the same morning as we found the moved ladder, doing her usual morning routine of gnawing the bars to summon us for her breakfast! 

She was also a little naughty the other week too, as when I went to pick her up from the sofa to put her back in her hutch after her morning run, she launched and went for the back of my hand which is rather unusual for her. We have had her nip here and there on the odd occasion but never maliciously, so needless to say the little monkey got put back and had a telling off! I'm pretty sure that it was her hormones as she has been grumpier than usual when I go to pick her up as of late, but as soon as I have hold of her or go to stroke her she is  absolutely fine. But even so I nipped the behavior in the bud at the time, and we haven't had any incidents since. 

We have however also had bunny drama too! As one morning on the week before last Florrie was out on the sofa as usual for her morning run, I had gone to quickly put something in the bin then as I came back in the room something outside really spooked her. I have never seen her so petrified before it was like she was being chased by a fox and she was just darting backwards and forwards across the sofa. I couldn't stop her and knew that if I tried to chase her too much that it would just make her worse! All I could see was her ending up hurting herself as she continued to dart about knocking things over on the coffee table next to the sofa, and as I continued to helplessly try and catch her. Eventually she ended up skidding across the coffee table and onto the wooden floor where I managed to catch and comfort her, by which time her heart was going, as was mine! We were both quite traumatized by it, but thankfully she was OK!

I knew that it must have been something out of the ordinary that scared her though as she comes out on the sofa everyday, as it's one of the only places that she likes to go and we have never had anything like that happen before! If anything does spook her like the postman putting letters through the door she normally just runs to the end of the sofa and hides around the back of the arm, but this was very different! I did however get to the bottom of it in the end though, as it transpires that some workers had been out on the road nearby filling in a pot hole. They were very quiet though as I didn't even know that they were there, so I can only assume that it was the vibrations that they made in the ground whilst fixing it were what she felt. She has been fine since thankfully if not a little more jumpy when out, and clingier towards me than usual which is understandable.

Below you can see that she is now back to her chilled self, having afternoon naps and sunbathing! Plus if you follow me on Instagram you will have also seen that she has been continuing to enjoy chasing and grooming her "Nutbrown Hare."

Thank you for visiting as always and I hope that you've all had a good start to the working week! I'm now off to eat a rather late dinner of sausage risotto, made from a recipe within in Joe Wicks's new book that I first tried the other week. It past the taste test with the hubby then, and turned out pretty well for a first attempt too as you can see below, so I thought that I'd make it again!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Bobby Bunny & Friends Product Lines!

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all well and have had a good couple of weeks or so!

Today I have some exciting things to share with you that have been going on around here lately, which if you follow me on either Instagram on Facebook you may already know!

Firstly after months of working out logistics and suppliers as well as making prototypes, I am very happy to share with you that I now have two new Bobby Bunny & Friends product lines on sale over at my Etsy shop!

The first of which are my framed prints which I have mentioned wanting to sell on here before, but was having trouble finding boxes the right size, and ways in which to package them without them being damaged in transit. As it currently stands this means that I am afraid that I am only able to sell my framed prints in the UK, but I am however hoping that over time I will be able to offer unframed prints to overseas customers.

Below you can see the framed prints available.


Currently they are only available in this design in both pink and blue, but I hope over time to extend the range to christening and wedding designs etc. You will also notice that the frame design has changed from the ones that I originally blogged about last year, which were made as gifts for a couple of friends. There are a couple of reasons for this, one just simply because I preferred them and because they look more modern and simplified, but also because the frames are deeper meaning that I have more freedom as to what buttons I can use to accent the image as I am not limited to space. They are also a little smaller which means that they aren't not quite as fragile! The only downside is that the image is quite a lot smaller due to the large boarder mount, but I kind of like that as I think that it makes the image more quaint.

The second new product line is again one that I have been working on for a while now, and is that of personalised heart name plaques. They took quite a lot of trial and error to get right, and I am still learning the right technique to get the best results from them, but I am pleased with them as you can see below.

Again they are currently only available in the one design in both pink and blue, but like the frames I am hoping to extend the range to christening and wedding designs etc too over time.

Both the girls frame and heart plaque pictured above were made for a close friend who's baby shower I attended a couple of weekends back. Thankfully she loved them as did a number of other girls in attendance, which meant that I got to do both a bit of networking plus it was nice to get some feedback on my new products.

We all had a lovely time at the baby shower, and my friend's sister-in-law and sister-in-law to be did a fab job of organizing it all. I did however have a bit of a ditsy moment before hand driving 20 or so minutes down the road to their house, just to find that the baby shower was actually being held at her hubby's parents house!

Below you can see a few pics from the day, and some of the games that we played!

The beautiful spread

The very imaginative fruit pram and baby and the gorgeous baby shower cake that was made by one of my friends friends, complete with a bunny on top as she is probably as crazy about bunnies as I am!   

Milly the cat getting in on the present opening action

Pin the dummy on the baby (which I did much better at during this baby shower than the last one that I went to, getting 3rd closest,) and the lovely party bags! 

Since then my friend has given birth to little baby Freya Hope who arrived three and a half weeks early, weighing a healthy 6lb's 6oz. I am over the moon for them as they have been through a huge amount over the past year, but they have come out the other side and now have their happy ending and I can't wait to meet their little lady!

Besides this things have been a little quieter here the last few weekends after the madness that was June, but we have still been relatively busy! Firstly with the hubby going off to Maguluf for three nights for his brothers stag do, which I had take him and his brother to the airport for at stupid o'clock in the morning on the weekend before last! I also had a night out for a friend's birthday.

But I've had down time too, taking my autistic cousin swimming for my auntie over the last few Friday's due to his rest bite carer cancelling on them. Plus my auntie is also currently recovering from a big operation on the vertebrae in her neck, and is so unable to take him herself. Then this week I also took him to visit the funfair in town after too as he was desperate to go on the bumper cars, which he loved and thoroughly chilled him out!

Like most autistic children/young adults he is very routine based, and loves to go off with his dad after swimming each each week to get his fish and chips. So as the weather has mainly continued to be in the high 20's and low 30's here over the past few weeks, and with my hubby away on the stag do, I decided to go and get my own fish and chips and eat them in one of my favourite local spots which I have mentioned on here many times before! I'm glad that I did too because it was glorious evening up there and so quiet, with only the sound of the cricketers playing at our local club in the distance. In fact it was so nice that I ended up doing the same thing last Friday after swimming, on what was once again a beautiful evening, only this time with my hubby in tow too!

Below you can see my yummy fish and chips and what a glorious evening it was, plus if you look closely you will be able to see a bunny too!

That pretty much rounds everything up with one big exception, and that is the fact that I have gone and got myself a part-time job!

I wasn't looking to find anything to fit in around my illustration until the end of Sept when my redundancy is due to run out, but it came up, it was somewhere I wanted to work, and the hours were perfect!

It has all happened pretty quickly with me having only applied for the job a week and a half ago, but since then I have had interviews with both the manager, and area manager, and been offered the job! So as of Friday I am going to be a gift advisor for 15 hours a week, normally on a Tues, Weds & Thurs afternoon for a local family run gift shop, which I have to say I am really looking forward too! The team all seem lovely, it will be nice to work in an area of retail that I am interested in, plus have a new challenge, and they sell so many lovely things too! I will just have to make sure that I don't go and spend all of my wages in there!

To celebrate my hubby and I then met up with my parents for a meal to celebrate at one of our favourite pub/restaurants. It was good to see them, plus good for my dad to get out too as he is currently recovering from his second hernia operation.

Below you can see the yummy but filthy food that my hubby and I had on a dinner date to the same pub/restaurant the week before, just after he got back from Magaluf. Plus the huge strawberries that we had when we got back home! They weren't kidding when they said that all of the good weather that we've been having had created a megga crop this year! I affectionately named this one megga-strawb!

So that's about it really! I'm now off to cook dinner and finish the three heart name plaque orders that I currently have on the go whilst gazing out of the window at a lovely evening that we have here, after having had torrential rain over the past few days! We did need it though to be fair after all of the hot weather of late, and it's also made it much cooler after all of the mugginess and lack of storms that we've had to clear it! So I am much happier about that!

I hope that you are having a lovely evening and week wherever you are, and that the weather is being kind to you too! Thanks as always for visiting! x

Monday, 26 June 2017

A Bobby Bunny & Friends & Florrie Update!

As my last post was so long I said that I would fill you in with the goings regarding Bobby Bunny & Friends and Florrie in the next one, so here goes!

On the Bobby Bunny & Friends front I have continued to make slow but steady progress.

Firstly at the end of May after heavily searching and deliberating, I finally found and settled on some boxes that would suitably package the frames that I have been wanting to sell for a long time now!

I had had so many issues trying to find the right size, the right colour, and a way in which to package my frames to prevent them from breaking! Especially since one of the test frames that I ordered from my supplier turned up broken! Then just as I had pretty much decided on my box supplier I saw that they had a number of bad reviews, but not having many other options I went ahead and ordered them and thankfully they arrived with no problems, and quickly too! So I am now pretty much all set for the frames and another exciting new product that I have been working on to launch next week, so keep your eyes peeled both here, on Facebook, and Instagram!

Below you can see my boxes, which I was way more excited about when they arrived than I should have been!

So aside from the boxes and working on the prototypes for my new product lines, I have also launched another two card designs since I last blogged. The first being a twins card which I had had mocked up in the pipeline for quite some time, which uses the same design as my New Baby cards and comes in three different variations as you can see below.
The second design was then a New Home/First Home card which was a totally new one, and a design that I didn't have too much difficulty with drawing.

Below you can see the different stages that the design went through from sketch to sale.

The final sketch 

At the watercolour wash stage, and photographed outside for the "wips and blooms" hashtag on Instagram 

The final finished design

All mocked up into card form, complete with personalisation and ready for Etsy

Besides this there has been a lot of behind the scenes and time consuming stuff going on including; working out the pricing for and photographing new products, improving social media stats, and finding suppliers. 

Like I say I am getting there slowly and it has taken me a bit to get back into get back into the swing of things over the past few weeks after being away, but I feel like I am back up to date and on track with things now and I am looking forward to sharing my new products with you.

I just can't believe that I am halfway through my time off already, which does make me freak out and hold me back a bit some days. But I will continue to do as much as I can with getting Bobby Bunny & Friends off of the ground whilst I can.

On the Florrie front since I last blogged little miss has thankfully finally stopped moulting! Which is good, one because I no longer have to keep finding her fur everywhere as it was a nightmare to clear up being much finer and coming out in bits rather than clumps like Mill & Moll's did. But two, mainly because she had a habit of over grooming (despite me regularly brushing her,) to the point that she was eating so much fur that her poop pellets were joining together! She also went through a phase just before I went to Download festival of pulling some of her fur out through over grooming too! Then whilst I was at Download she spent five days with Daddy who took the week off of work to look after her and kept me regularly updated! I really missed her but they both survived without me, even though she was a bit timid when I got back and felt rather heavy! 

I also mentioned a few posts back that I am now having to dismantle the who hutch in order to get little madam out, which has continued and seems to be the best and least stressful way of getting her out. She still has her moment of squeaking and pouncing depending on her mood, but for the most part she's pretty good now. I also mentioned in that post that we tried her on the living room mat and that she wasn't too keen, well we haven't tried her with that or her outside ladder again recently as seems quite happy as she is, but I will try again in time!   

She did got to the vets in the end to have her nails clipped a few weeks before I went to Download, because as I mentioned a few posts back she is now just too difficult for me to do it myself and I don't want to hurt her. 

She wasn't keen on the whole idea as I knew she wouldn't be, and she ended up making more of a fuss about it than getting her vaccinations done! 

It all started off not too bad with me holding her up on the table whilst the nurse cut her front paws, but it was the back paws that were the issue! The veterinary nurse suggested me putting her on her back, to which I assured her she would never let me do! So after Florrie tried to jump over my shoulder again we managed to get her back on the table for me to prop her up like we did with her front paws, whilst the veterinary nurse worked around clipping with her back paws still on the table (as it was the only was it was going to happen!) Still after a lot of fur went flying we got there in the end! But by the time that we got back after the whole ordeal Florrie was not a happy bunny and was huffing and puffing and dribbling, and generally not happy with me at all! But it had to be done and within a few hours she got over it, until the next time!

In other Florrie news her weight seems to have now levelled out with her weighing in at just over 2kg a few weeks back, so I now think/hope that she is fully grown! Plus her mane is now in full flow too, and she is looking a lot more like a Lionhead-cross again now as you can see below.

She has also not been keen on this hot weather at all, especially last Weds when it got up to 34 degrees! But I kept her cool by trying to offer her cold water in a bowl alongside her bottled water (which she wasn't too keen on,) and by putting an ice cold bottle of water on the sofa for her to snuggle up with as you can see below.

          Mumma it's too hot!        But I don't do water in a bowl!         Aah that's better!

Besides this Florrie has enjoyed snoozing more this month, which is something that I don't often see her do. The first time was after our playtime on the May Bank Holiday, which was clearly far too much for her as you can see below:
Then the second time was the other week which was so funny to watch because as she gradually began to nod of her head would drop like a baby which would wake her up again, until she eventually fell fast asleep as you can see below.

She has also been lounging about a lot in her usual funny positions and pulling her usual funny faces as you can see below!

Mumma if I sit here and look cute will you feed me more?

She's still been a little monkey when she's awake though as you can see below!

 I took this image the other week after she managed to get onto the coffee table next to the sofa again! She's standing on her carrot toy, but seems to be more interested in the bunny and balloon!  

Then the image below I took the other day and it just makes me laugh as she has such a guilty look on her face after shredding her chewy mat!

That's all for now! I hope that Monday hasn't been too much of a struggle and that you have been slowly eased into the week ahead! It's been another lovely day of sunshine and blue skies here today with just the right amount of breeze and heat in the mid 20's, but it looks like it's going to be wet here for the rest of the week so I better go and enjoy it whilst I can! x    

Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Crazy Busy Six Weeks!

Sorry about my absence as of late! The last six weeks have been a fab but crazy mix of social events, from hen nights to music festival and gigs. So much so that I have barely had a time to draw a breath! It does however mean that it has taken me a little bit of time to get back into the swing of things!

So I will start where I left off back in mid May when I, my mum, and sister travelled down to Chichester over the weekend to visit my Nan for the day. We spent a lovely but rare day altogether in the city having breakfast and shopping, before we headed back to my Nan's where we dug out old photos and reminisced of times gone by. My Nan also gave me my Great-Nan's wedding ring whilst we were there which was a perfect fit and I am honoured to wear, and she gave my sister our Great-Nan's engagement ring.

Below you can see the lovely view down Chichester high street looking towards the cathedral with its bustling market stalls. It was also one of the first nicer days we had had weather wise in a while at that point, even though there was still a chill in the air.  

Sunday was then spent chilling as we knew that we had quite a few busy weekends coming up!

The following week my hubby had a few days off of work so on one of them we popped into town to try out a new Italian that we have been meaning to check out for a while now, and I am so glad that we did as it was lovely! It was just a shame that it was chucking it down when we left, and proceeded to for the rest of the day after that!

Thankfully it had stopped by the following day though and we had a couple of lovely sunny days over the next weekend, which was lucky as I had the Hen Day/Night of one of the girls from my uni Illustration course.

For the first part of the hen we went to Brighton, where we partook in a mosaic making course that was run from a lovely ladies house. I wasn't sure how it would go as apart from the bathroom tiling (which I hated) I didn't really have any experience when it came to mosaic making, and time does have a habit of running away with me during things like that. However I need have not worried as it was a rather therapeutic and relaxing experience, I finished my piece in the given time, and it turned out well!

We started with a little practice square and Gill our tutor gave us a few pointers, but she was very hands off and let us experiment with colours etc before we went in and chose the template for our main piece. I chose a bunny/hare obviously!

We all had a lovely time and it was great to reunite with the Illustration girls as it had been a good 5 years since we had last all been together, yet once we were together it seemed like only yesterday since we had seen one another.

Below you can see my finished piece, the gorgeous organic lunch that Gill and her daughter laid on for us, and their cute little dog Lulu who I think that we all fell in love with!

After the mosaic making five of us including the bride made our way to a glamping experience which the Maid of Honour drove us to, and again like the mosaic making she had organised as a surprise for the bride.

The 40 min journey from Brighton to finding the place was in itself hilarious and involved lots of girly chat and giggles, as well as listening to 90's pop hits from our youth! 

We managed to find the place after not too much searching, even though it was in the middle of nowhere on a private family farm. Once there there were two yurts one of which was ours, and then there were a few other groups and families of general campers within the field too. The weather was also lovely when we arrived, and despite the rain of the previous few days the ground was still pretty hard. 

Once we had settled in and had a few glasses of bubbly we headed out to check out the local pub for some dinner. It was a pretty little pub and quite busy considering it was in a small village, and we even bumped into another hen night there! Their party was much rowdier in comparison to our quiet affair though! 

The food there was also lovely and in the evening there was a band that played which sounded quite good but that we didn't stay for, as we headed back to the yurt for a chilled evening of hen night games instead. The journey back once again was filled with girly giggles!

On our return there was what sounded like a rave going on the field next to us, but we couldn't work out where it was coming from as we couldn't see anything, but it sounded like it was right next to us. It went on throughout the evening which was quite puzzling at the time. We didn't mind as we were on a hen do but we did wonder what others around us may think, especially the families as it went on until 12:30am at which point it suddenly came to an abrupt stop. It made for an amusing night though, along with trying to light the log burner in our yurt, and trying to put up the camp beds in semi-darkness!
I don't think that any of us really got much sleep, and I woke up to the dawn chorus. But it was another glorious day so I didn't really mind! Once up we enjoyed a cuppa in the sunshine before making our way over to meet the land owner's animals before we left. 

Whilst up there we met the owner's who apologized for the music the night before. It turned out that even though it sounded like it was right next to us that it was actually a mile and a half away, and that it had been an illegal rave on the land of an elderly lady who had let it out for the weekend! Thankfully the police had intervened after the owners reported it, but I do hope that they didn't cause too much damage for the poor lady! But I still can't believe how much the sound travelled over the fields!

All in all we had a lovely time and the bride thoroughly enjoyed her surprises!

Below you can see pics of our yurt, the beautiful weather, our flower crowns and badges, my yummy dessert from the pub, and us making friends with the animals!

The weekend after consisted of another Hen Day/Night, and this time it was that of my hubby's sister.

For her hen we went around her house and had an afternoon of hen night games, bubbles, nibbles, and more girly chat and giggles! One of the games we played involved us being in three different teams and making a wedding dress out of toilet paper! We ended up in a draw with the other teams for our creation, for which my hubby's 84 year old Nan loved being the model! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and once again the Maid of Honour did a fab job of organising everything, and we were once again lucky enough with the weather than we could spend the afternoon/evening outside. 

It was also especially lovely to be there to enjoy it with her as we were unable to attend the wedding, as they only decided within the last few months that they wanted to get married whilst on holiday in Las Vegas. 

Below you can see my party bag from the hen, and all of the pegs that my hubby's Aunty and Nan managed to collect from other people in one of the games. Within the game we all started off with four pegs each when we got there, but lost one every time we mentioned the word wedding or the groom's name, and as you can see they took it very seriously!

After Saturday's hen night antics Sunday was a quietish one, which involved having a BBQ and a catch up with some of my hubby's friends around their new house. Unfortunately the weather even though rather warm and sticky didn't hold out on this occasion and we had a fair downpour mid BBQ, but we still had a lovely time catching up with everyone!

Monday marked the last of the May Bank Holiday's, but being how busy we had been and how busy we were still going to be we had a quiet one and I spent the day in my pj's playing with our little Flo!

That Friday my hubby had the day off as we had the gig of David Ford at Islington Assembly Hall. He is one of my hubby's favourite artists, even though I am not so keen. I did however enjoy seeing him and his support acts, Michele Stodart of the Magic Numbers, and JP Ruggieri. The small grade II listed building was also beautiful even though it did have an extremely sticky floor! We also successfully managed to dodge some rather heavy showers along the way!

Below you can see a few pics from the night.  

So after having David Ford on the Friday, getting back from London at 1:30am and trying to live stream my hubby's sisters wedding in Vegas on the train on the way home which was pretty surreal, Sat and Sun were relatively quiet one's with me trying to get organised for the next events that I had coming week. 

Firstly on the Mon I had the wedding of my uni Illustration friend whose hen night was the first that I mentioned in this post. For this I had to be up bright and early and wedding ready in order to catch a train for the 3 and a half hour train journey up to Leammington Spa where the wedding was being held, and where she now lives. Unfortunately my hubby couldn't get the time off of work to attend, but I managed to meet another of my uni friend's en-route. Thankfully we managed to arrive in a pretty wet Leammington Spa plenty of time, despite a half hour delay along the way and quickly checked into our Travelodge before getting a taxi to the venue. 

The venue was set in the 250 acre grounds of a 16th century manor house, with the ceremony being held in a modern barn and the reception in a static marquee. Thankfully it had stopped raining by the time that we arrived at the venue and for the arrival of the bride who looked gorgeous in her 50's style lace dress, and for the bridesmaids who looked beautiful in their blue floral halterneck tea dresses complete with porcelain chameleon necklaces. The weather then continued to hold off long enough to get photos outside, but it did bucket it down once the reception was in full swing! Still it didn't dampen the party atmosphere and we all enjoyed partying the night away!

Below you can see a few pics from the lovely day including the cute little terrariums that we were given as wedding favours, the BBQ style main meal and wedding cake dessert, the origami butterfly's made out of maps signifying the couples love for travel, and the albatrosses which signify the couples love of nature and the fact that they are birds that mate for life.

Most of Tuesday was then spent travelling back home, just for me to get back and pack ready to go off to the midlands again early the following morning for my annual trip to Download Festival! 

I have blogged about Download Festival (which is the UK's biggest rock festival) and my love for it many times before, and this year was just as amazing as always! We were also the luckiest that we have been with the weather for years, only getting a bit of rain overnight on the Weds and a little on the wind on the Thursday morning. Besides that it was sunshine and cloud on and off for the five days that we were there, with a bit of a wind which blew any bad weather away. So pretty much perfect festival conditions! We even got to sit on the grass in the arena for the whole time this year, which again is something that just hasn't been possible with the weather over the last few years. We enjoy it every year, but good weather makes it so much better! It was so good to get away, chill with friends, meet up with our Download family again, and party hard!

As usual the five days of partying and going to bed in the early hours has meant that it has taken me a good week to recover and get back into the flow of things, but it was worth it as always! Thankfully this year I didn't end up with the mouth ulcer and blister issues that I had last year, just the usual bruises!

Below you can see a selection of pics from our time at Download Festival this year! 

The queue to get in this year that went across the road and around the car park! 

 Our first ever Download rainbow late on Thursday afternoon! If look closely you can see a faint double rainbow! 

More rainbow pictures because it was just so pretty, and the gorgeous sunset on Thursday night

More pics of the sunset on Thursday night, again because it was just gorgeous! 

View of Main Stage on Friday our first day in the main arena
Always wellies even if the weather is good, and spot the man up the speaker!

Fireworks after Biffy Clyro and fun in the "Dog House" rock club!

The beautiful bright moon over the campsite in the early hours of Sunday morning, and dawn breaking on Sunday morning

The stunning blue skies over Main Stage on Sunday

The beggining of Aerosmith's headlining set on Sunday night to end the festival

The stunning sunset over the arena on Sunday night! The perfect way to end the festival!

So that finally nearly brings you up to date with everything, apart from this Saturday just gone when the hubby and I went to the Olympic Stadium to see Guns "N" Roses!

We had both been so looking forward to since we were lucky enough to get the tickets last year, and I have to say they didn't disappoint! I was a little apprehensive as to whether Axl Rose would actually turn up on time or at all as he doesn't have the best reputation these days, but he did and his voice was still amazing!  We met friends there that had also been lucky enough to get tickets, and we all had the best time! The Olympic Stadium was also amazing and so huge, I think that we were all pretty overwhelmed by it! It was also one of the hottest days of the year at 30 degrees in the shade, so we were all melting especially on the tube but it was all worth it!

I was so glad that it was worth it too as we had all so been looking forward to it! Plus we also missed my hubby's sister UK wedding reception after her Vegas wedding to be there, as we already had the tickets when she announced it and they were like gold dust to get! We were hoping to pop in on the way back though, but our journey back was such a nightmare that we didn't get in until 3:30am! Thankfully she understood that the wedding was planned last minute though and that people probably would have plans, but it was still a shame to miss it as we understandably would have loved to have been there.

Below you can see a few pics from the evening!

The amazing Olympic Stadium!

The Orbit sculpture at the Olympic Park, and the London skyline with the building work going on in the vicinity of the stadium 

 The view from inside the stadium was just stunning!

Waiting for Guns "N" Roses to come on!

Guns "N" Roses doing their thing! Slash was amazing on guitar as always

Sunday was then spent chilling at my parents for Father's Day which it was another scorcher of a day! So much so that my sister and I got out our childhood paddling pool for the first time in over 5 years, and it was still in one piece! We also had a lovely BBQ.
So that rounds up a pretty amazing but crazy six weeks, and if you are still reading for this thank you for bearing with a very long post!

I hope that you are all well too, and that if you are here in the UK and particularly in the South of England like me that you haven't been too fried by the heatwave over the last few days! It hit over 34 degrees here on Weds which was also the longest day of the year! For those of you that aren't in the UK that probably doesn't sound very hot, but for us it's unheard of and was record breaking! 
Thankfully there was a bit more of a breeze here yesterday the and we had the odd rumble of thunder so it was a little fresher and more comfortable in the mid 20's, and again today we are in the mid 20's and its bright but still breezy. Florrie however was not at all impressed with Weds temperatures! I will update more on Flo and my progress with Bobby Bunny and Friends over the next few days, but for now I will end this post before it gets any longer! Thanks for visiting as always! x