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Monday, 25 February 2013

Week Off!

Sorry for the slightly longer absence than usual, I had a busy old week last week. Starting last Saturday with the hen night that I mentioned in the previous post, where twelve of us went up to Brighton in a Hummer Limo dressed up as pink ladies due to the fact that pink is the bride’s favourite colour. We all had a great girl’s night out, and I am very much looking to they're movie themed wedding at the end of next month.

Apart from this the rest of my week was taken up working full-time at my retail job, as the schools were off for half-term so we were relatively busy, which didn't give me time to do much else let alone drawing. So after all that this weekend just gone was a pretty chilled literally! We have had few lovely sunny almost spring like days recently, with some beautiful sunsets now that the days are starting to draw out. But over the weekend it has become very grey & bitter again, with the occasional snow flurries.

Now onto this week, and as you can see from the title of my blog I have the week off! Yay! So I am hoping to make up the lack of drawing blogging last week and get allot done, including tiding the flat & doing other mundane things that you never normally get the time for. I know that the week is going to fly by so I really do hope it's a productive one, and I hope that you all have a lovely week too! x

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