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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bonfire Night & Firework Fun!

Oh how I do love this time of year, the changing of the seasons and the chill in the air and wrapping up warm! It has become a bit of a tradition in my family that every Bonfire Night Weekend we go to our local fireworks display before then going back to my parents house, where mum cooks us hot dogs with onions, tomato soup & onion rings. Which we then follow with sparkler's in the garden. We have done it every year since my sister and I were tiny, the only difference these days is that we actually go to the display rather than just watch them out of my parent's bedroom window! My sister and I were never that keen on the noise of the fireworks when we were younger, so we used to have our own Bonfire party at home in the warm.

This year I took my camera along to the display, and after realising that it had a firework mode I thought I would have a fiddle. I wasn't expecting much as the modes on my camera don't really tend to make much of a difference, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. I got some good shots despite the windy weather, and the rain just about held off for the duration of the display.

I do apologise for the amount of photos that I am about to show you, but I just couldn't choose between them!
 Oh and I couldn't forget the fun that we had with the sparklers too! 

If you went to see any fireworks that you had fun, and that the weather held out for you too! I also hope that if any of you have animals that they didn't get too traumatised by all of the noise. I know that I used to worry dreadfully about my bunnies at this time of year, especially since they lived outside. Plus my parents live close to our local display, but they luckily never seemed to bothered and were just happy eating.

Enjoy the rest of your week! x


  1. It's lovely to have family traditions, I think! :) Your firework photos are amazing Jenny !!!
    For some reason, although I'm sure it's not always the case, the noise doesn't seem to bother rabbits much, certainly not in the way that it bothers cats and dogs. Our bunnies were never bothered either and my brother-in-law said that their new rescued buns weren't put out by it either!
    V xxx

  2. Love the fireworks, especially the sparkler squiggles! I rather felt like I was in Hobbiton watching Gandalf's firework display!