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Friday, 21 March 2014

New Mother's Day Design and Sunsets!

Evening all! I hope that you are well! I just thought that I would hop in quickly to show you my new Bobby Bunny design. This design is especially of Mother's Day and features Bella bunny handing her mummy some flowers, after she had been digging around the garden to find them. She is also trying (not very successfully) to conceal the evidence of this behind her back!

I have made this card especially for my mummy, but it will also be going on sale in my Etsy shop shortly.

Whilst I am here I would also like to share with you a few pics, of some of the beautiful sunsets that we have been having here over the past week or so. The quality of the pictures is not great as they were taken on my very old camera phone, plus the ones on the left were also taken on a moving train on my way back from a work trip in London. The ones on the right were taken on a different day whist I was walking home from work.
Sitting on the train looking at these lovely scenes I was thinking about how beautiful sunsets are and how I don't know anyone that doesn't like sunsets. Thinking of this then brought back one of my earliest childhood memories. I was only about two at the time and had been to the park with my mum and some friends on a lovely summers day. The sun was setting as we left and the sky was very orange, I remember vividly what it looked like. Then after seeing it I just remember sobbing, I was absolutely distraught because I didn't know what a sunset was and thought that the sky was on fire! I then remember my mum's friend having to carry me home and comfort me, as my mum was heavily pregnant with my sister at the time. I think the fact that I got myself in such a state is probably why it stuck with me, strange child that I was! I makes me laugh thinking about it now, but I certainly wasn't laughing at the time!  

Thank you for hopping by as always it is much appreciated! Have a fabulous weekend everyone! x    

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