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Saturday, 30 January 2016

New Bobby Bunny & Friends Product Launch Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! I just thought that I would pop by quickly let you know about an exciting new Bobby Bunny and Friends product that I am hoping to launch in my Etsy shop very soon! The new product is something that I have been planning on having in my shop for a while, but that I haven't got around to fully developing until now. The product in question is going to be a framed print which can be used as "nursery art" with the baby's name and meaning on it. I finally got around to putting it together after my sister asked me if I could make something for a friends little girls first birthday, and below you can see the result:

I had to play around with the composition a little and decide on fonts, image placement, and where I was going to add the buttons in order to keep the design consistent with my cards but I got there in the end. Originally I wasn't intending on having glitter, or the name meaning on the print, but when I found out that the little girl's name Esme meant "loved," "to love," or "beloved," I just had to add it. It seemed so apt as this little girl is particularly special having been born at only 26 and a half weeks after her mum developed pre-eclampsia. Things were touch and go to begin with especially with mum, but after nearly three months in hospital Esme came home a couple of weeks before her original due date and has thrived ever since. She is now a gorgeous bubbly little girl who is already up, cruising, and hitting all of her developmental goals, so she needed an extra special first birthday present to help celebrate!

To start with I will just offer this image on my Etsy shop with personalisation, which is already available on there in card form. But in time I hope to be able to add more images and new ones to the range, as well as offering different size options etc for the prints and different personalisation i.e. birth date etc. I may also possibly tweak the frame before I put it on my shop and still need to work out pricing etc, but I am hoping that it won't be too long until it is available.
In other news I had a rare Saturday off last weekend and got to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend, and the second of her two Maids' Of Honour (me being the other.) We went to a lovely little wedding dress shop in Arundel that she had already visited with her mum, in order to help her decided on one of three dresses that she had seen. We ruled out one quite quickly, but really struggled between the other two! They both looked gorgeous, but she so slim and dainty that she would look amazing in anything so it was so hard to decided! We also all had a few tears when we saw her in one of the dresses which I wasn't expecting! But we got there in the end and left with one wedding dress ordered, before going and having a hot drink and cake! It was such a lovely day not just because of the dresses, but also because we don't all get to catch up much or have lunch together that often. Plus my fellow Maid of Honour doesn't get much baby free time these days with having a gorgeous ten month old little boy.

Moving forward to toady, well it has been a pretty lazy one! It is very rare that I do nothing on a day off, but after a long week at work today was one of those days! It started off quite productive with me doing my workout DVD, but with the mounting housework from the week not being particularly enticing I decided to hibernate and catch-up on TV instead. Especially since the weather was so rubbish, having returned to being wet and windy after our brief snap of cold days sunny day's, plus the smallest amount of snow. Below you can see me snuggled up with some warning soup! 
I did however eventually come to life doing my chores and making dinner at a about 5:30ish! So I wasn't totally lazy in the end!
I hope that you are all well and that you have settled into the New Year. I can't believe that we are at the end of Jan already! Have a good weekend! x

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