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Monday, 31 October 2016

A New Bobby Design & Firework Fun!

Today I am very pleased to announce that for the first time in two and a half years I finally have a new Bobby Bunny & Friends image to share with you all, which is now available to order as a greeting card from my Etsy shop!

I completed the design a few weeks ago during my holiday from work and the design features Bobby Bunny in Christening outfit which matches the Bella Bunny girl's version, the last design that I completed way back in April 2014.

Below you can see me working on ideas for the piece, the illustration in progress, the finished article and the image mocked .


It has been so good to get back into my creative stride now that most of the decorating is finally done and I have a little more time freed up, so I am hoping to start producing a lot more Bobby Bunny work in the near future!

In other Bobby news I also have a new Bobby Bunny Instagram account to share with you all, which I set up to mark my fourth blogging birthday that I mentioned a few posts back! So if you do Instagram feel free to follow #bobbybunnyandfriends.    

Aside from the goings on of Bobby Bunny I must wish those of you that celebrate it a very Happy Halloween! I have mentioned in my blog before that I never really used to celebrate Halloween or go trick or treating as I grew up as it wasn't such a big thing then, but ever since I turned 18 my best friend and I tend to go out for a night on the town all dressed up. It has almost become a bit of a tradition for us over the years and last year I even did a little Halloween party for us, but after having her wedding only a few weeks ago we are having a quiet on this year which feels a little odd! This is especially so as after Christmas, the weekends of Halloween and Bonfire Night have to be my most favourite of the year. So because of not going out to celebrate Halloween this year, I instead skipped straight to Bonfire Night this weekend just gone by going to see our local fireworks display with my hubby and parents.

Usually we go to the fireworks in the village where my parents live and then go back for our traditional hot dogs and tomato soup, but unfortunately the fireworks haven't taken place there over the last few years so we thought that we would try out our local ones instead. Plus repay my parents in the process for the years of hot dogs and tomato soup that they have provided us by having them back to ours after instead.

For those of you that aren't from the UK and are not familiar with it see my blog post last year for a bit of an explanation.

The fireworks themselves were held in the ground of our local cricket club and I have to say that we all really impressed with the display, all of which was timed to music. There was also a fun fair, so both myself and my parents seized the opportunity to go on the old fashioned carousel which we all enjoyed like we were little children!

Below you can see a selection of images that I took on the night:

Thankfully the good weather that we have been having this Autumn held out for the fireworks, it fact not only did it not rain but the ground was had enough that we didn't really need wellies either!

On another note, along with the weather I have to say that I have really been enjoying the colours that this warm bright Autumn has bought for us to far this year!

Below you can see a selection of images that I have taken on my walks home from work over the last few weeks, with the last of which showing the pretty clouds outside of our bedroom window this morning.

There have been many gorgeous sunsets on my walks home, including the one above which also shows the spire of the church where the hubby and I got married.

I hope that the weather is being kind to you too wherever you are, and that you have all had a good start to your week! Thank you for visiting as always, and also for all of your ongoing support. x


  1. I love the new Bobby illustration cute! :)
    great firework pics too!
    V x

  2. Thank you Vivienne! I am glad that you like him! x