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Monday, 26 June 2017

A Bobby Bunny & Friends & Florrie Update!

As my last post was so long I said that I would fill you in with the goings regarding Bobby Bunny & Friends and Florrie in the next one, so here goes!

On the Bobby Bunny & Friends front I have continued to make slow but steady progress.

Firstly at the end of May after heavily searching and deliberating, I finally found and settled on some boxes that would suitably package the frames that I have been wanting to sell for a long time now!

I had had so many issues trying to find the right size, the right colour, and a way in which to package my frames to prevent them from breaking! Especially since one of the test frames that I ordered from my supplier turned up broken! Then just as I had pretty much decided on my box supplier I saw that they had a number of bad reviews, but not having many other options I went ahead and ordered them and thankfully they arrived with no problems, and quickly too! So I am now pretty much all set for the frames and another exciting new product that I have been working on to launch next week, so keep your eyes peeled both here, on Facebook, and Instagram!

Below you can see my boxes, which I was way more excited about when they arrived than I should have been!

So aside from the boxes and working on the prototypes for my new product lines, I have also launched another two card designs since I last blogged. The first being a twins card which I had had mocked up in the pipeline for quite some time, which uses the same design as my New Baby cards and comes in three different variations as you can see below.
The second design was then a New Home/First Home card which was a totally new one, and a design that I didn't have too much difficulty with drawing.

Below you can see the different stages that the design went through from sketch to sale.

The final sketch 

At the watercolour wash stage, and photographed outside for the "wips and blooms" hashtag on Instagram 

The final finished design

All mocked up into card form, complete with personalisation and ready for Etsy

Besides this there has been a lot of behind the scenes and time consuming stuff going on including; working out the pricing for and photographing new products, improving social media stats, and finding suppliers. 

Like I say I am getting there slowly and it has taken me a bit to get back into get back into the swing of things over the past few weeks after being away, but I feel like I am back up to date and on track with things now and I am looking forward to sharing my new products with you.

I just can't believe that I am halfway through my time off already, which does make me freak out and hold me back a bit some days. But I will continue to do as much as I can with getting Bobby Bunny & Friends off of the ground whilst I can.

On the Florrie front since I last blogged little miss has thankfully finally stopped moulting! Which is good, one because I no longer have to keep finding her fur everywhere as it was a nightmare to clear up being much finer and coming out in bits rather than clumps like Mill & Moll's did. But two, mainly because she had a habit of over grooming (despite me regularly brushing her,) to the point that she was eating so much fur that her poop pellets were joining together! She also went through a phase just before I went to Download festival of pulling some of her fur out through over grooming too! Then whilst I was at Download she spent five days with Daddy who took the week off of work to look after her and kept me regularly updated! I really missed her but they both survived without me, even though she was a bit timid when I got back and felt rather heavy! 

I also mentioned a few posts back that I am now having to dismantle the who hutch in order to get little madam out, which has continued and seems to be the best and least stressful way of getting her out. She still has her moment of squeaking and pouncing depending on her mood, but for the most part she's pretty good now. I also mentioned in that post that we tried her on the living room mat and that she wasn't too keen, well we haven't tried her with that or her outside ladder again recently as seems quite happy as she is, but I will try again in time!   

She did got to the vets in the end to have her nails clipped a few weeks before I went to Download, because as I mentioned a few posts back she is now just too difficult for me to do it myself and I don't want to hurt her. 

She wasn't keen on the whole idea as I knew she wouldn't be, and she ended up making more of a fuss about it than getting her vaccinations done! 

It all started off not too bad with me holding her up on the table whilst the nurse cut her front paws, but it was the back paws that were the issue! The veterinary nurse suggested me putting her on her back, to which I assured her she would never let me do! So after Florrie tried to jump over my shoulder again we managed to get her back on the table for me to prop her up like we did with her front paws, whilst the veterinary nurse worked around clipping with her back paws still on the table (as it was the only was it was going to happen!) Still after a lot of fur went flying we got there in the end! But by the time that we got back after the whole ordeal Florrie was not a happy bunny and was huffing and puffing and dribbling, and generally not happy with me at all! But it had to be done and within a few hours she got over it, until the next time!

In other Florrie news her weight seems to have now levelled out with her weighing in at just over 2kg a few weeks back, so I now think/hope that she is fully grown! Plus her mane is now in full flow too, and she is looking a lot more like a Lionhead-cross again now as you can see below.

She has also not been keen on this hot weather at all, especially last Weds when it got up to 34 degrees! But I kept her cool by trying to offer her cold water in a bowl alongside her bottled water (which she wasn't too keen on,) and by putting an ice cold bottle of water on the sofa for her to snuggle up with as you can see below.

          Mumma it's too hot!        But I don't do water in a bowl!         Aah that's better!

Besides this Florrie has enjoyed snoozing more this month, which is something that I don't often see her do. The first time was after our playtime on the May Bank Holiday, which was clearly far too much for her as you can see below:
Then the second time was the other week which was so funny to watch because as she gradually began to nod of her head would drop like a baby which would wake her up again, until she eventually fell fast asleep as you can see below.

She has also been lounging about a lot in her usual funny positions and pulling her usual funny faces as you can see below!

Mumma if I sit here and look cute will you feed me more?

She's still been a little monkey when she's awake though as you can see below!

 I took this image the other week after she managed to get onto the coffee table next to the sofa again! She's standing on her carrot toy, but seems to be more interested in the bunny and balloon!  

Then the image below I took the other day and it just makes me laugh as she has such a guilty look on her face after shredding her chewy mat!

That's all for now! I hope that Monday hasn't been too much of a struggle and that you have been slowly eased into the week ahead! It's been another lovely day of sunshine and blue skies here today with just the right amount of breeze and heat in the mid 20's, but it looks like it's going to be wet here for the rest of the week so I better go and enjoy it whilst I can! x    


  1. awe what a little cutie Florrie is....and I can tell throughly spoilt too (but thats ok).
    Love all your Bobby Bunny and Friends images. :)
    V x
    P.S. Beautiful mosaic in your previous post!

  2. Thank you V! Florrie is def a spoilt and pampered little monkey, which probably adds to her being a bit of a madam! I am glad that you like the images and the mosaic, like I say it turned out much better than I though it would! I hope that you are well. x

  3. Wow, first time here on your blog. What a sweet find! Love your furbaby and your bunnies are just so cute. Looking forward to looking around here more. Love the bunny hearts.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Sophia, and I am so glad that you like my work and my little blog. x