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Friday, 28 September 2012

The Best Day Of the Month!

Today is the best day of the month! Not only because it's payday, but it's also the day that my favourite magazine Mollie Makes comes out! It's a lovely craft magazine that I discovered about a year ago. I was first attracted by the lovely magazine cover but it's also full of beautiful photography, craft projects from crochet to felting & interviews with lovely crafty people that have changed their hobbies into their day jobs. I find it very inspiring and love curling up on the sofa for a read. Oh the simple pleasures in life!

I have to say I am a sucker for craft magazines in general though and on today's outing to get Mollie Makes, I was drawn in by array of Christmas craft magazines that are all coming out. I know it's a little early to be talking Christmas but it's a time of year that I love! So I couldn't resist and came away with a few more magazines than I was intending!

Still never mind that's what bonus’s are for, and one does deserve a treat every now and again! Right I’m off for a little read to get inspiration for some Christmas card projects before work! Have a good weekend! x

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