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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


So finally here goes then, my first ever blog post! I am Jenny, and as you can see from the info about me on the right I'm striving to become a professional Illustrator, and am just beginning to set up freelance. So after being inspired by all of the lovely creative blogs out there, particularly that of Julie Williams over at Little Cotton Rabbits, who I have been following for many years now. I thought I would set up my own little blog to share my thoughts and display my work, as I embark into the world of freelance Illustration. So a little bit about my illustration! I love to draw animal characters, in watercolours and colouring pencils, and as I am a bit bunny mad I mainly draw bunnies! At the moment I have one little character that I have been focusing on for a while now. He’s called Bobby Bunny, hence the name of the blog and is displayed on my banner at the top of this page. I have been slowly developing him since I created him on my HND course in 2007. He has become the image that represents me and what I do, and is also on my business cards. He is not fully developed yet but I am getting there now, so I intend to develop him through this blog, and create in time little stories, friends and eventually an Etsy shop for him with a card range and gifts. I already have one story idea that I have written for him titled: "But I'm Not Sleepy Yet!" Which I also wrote on my HND course, and will show you at a later date! Up until relatively recently I worked on my illustrations from my bedroom/studio at my parents house. But after getting married at the end of last year, have had to scale down a fair bit into the spare bedroom of the flat that I share with my husband. As you can see from the pics below I am a bit of a hoarder! I love to keep things that inspire me around the place. I get inspired by all sorts! I love cute things, colours, pretty things, home style, patterns, gingham, buttons, I’m a sucker for anything with spots or stripes, and love anything creative, but most of all bunnies! I work on my illustrations as much as I can, but also have a part-time job in retail to subsidise me until I hopefully get up and running.

Old Studio Space
New Studio Space
Anyway I think I have gone on enough now, for a first post. Take care. I will write more soon....x


  1. A very warm welcome to blogland Jenny and to Bobby too (such a cute bunny). I know how hard being an illustrator can be but very rewarding too when you see your work in print so best of luck on your journey, I look forward to reading about your adventures x

  2. Thank you for the lovely message and best wishes Julie x