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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Off To Download!

We have had some lovely weather here in South East England over the past week or so. Unfortunately it has not been quite as nice over the past few days, which is typical considering that I am off to Download Festival tomorrow.

For those of you that don't know Download is the biggest rock festival within in the UK, and is held at Donnington Park in the Midlands. It's a festival that I love and that I will be attending with friends for the fifth year running. The atmosphere is always amazing and it's full of lovely people and great music. I always view it as a holiday, as even though the festival runs from Friday to Sunday we shall be camping on site for five days. For that reason I have my fingers crossed that the weather will be ok, as even though it's always fun good weather makes all the difference! Last year the weather was the worst that we ever had with lots of rain, mud, and wind for the whole time we were there, so I am hoping that it shall be better than that as least. It currently looks like we shall be having sunshine and showers, so fingers crossed there will be more sunshine than showers!

Right I am off to finish packing now, but I shall leave you with a few pics from previous Downloads. Have a good week, I shall be back on Monday. x

Main Stage at a scorching Download in 2009

A beautiful sunset by the main stage 2009

View over the campsite village, taken from the top of the "Fun House" in 2010

A rainy main stage in 2011

Main Stage Headliners 2012


  1. Enjoy the festival Jenny, hope it stay dry for you! :)
    V xxx

    1. Thank you Vivienne! I will def enjoy either way, but nice weather would make it even better! x