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Monday, 3 June 2013

Mocked Up Butterfly Dreams Thank You Card!

Once again it has been a busy old week here at Bobby Bunny Headquarters! I have mainly spent my time working and attending a course associated with my new role, which so far seems to be going well. The downside to this though is that not much illustrating has been going on, but this should change once I have settled into my new routine. I have however found the time to mock up my Butterfly Dreams card, as you can see below.

After being pretty pleased with the outcome of my "New Baby Boy" card design, I wanted this one to follow the same style. Again I used the 250gm canvas effect linen card to print on and used a pretty heart button, sewed on with taupe thread as an accent. I have to say that I had fun shopping for the right button and think that I may be getting a button fetish, as came away from Hobbycraft with quite a few different button designs to use on future cards. Again I am pretty pleased with the results, and now also have some plastic wallets and envelopes to package up my cards. So once I have a few more designs, I hope to be able to start selling them in the not to distant future.

I hope that you all have a lovely week, and that the weather is being as kind to you as it is to us at the moment! x


  1. It looks great Jenny and the little button is a lovely touch! Beware collecting buttons can be very addictive. :)
    V x

    1. Thank you Vivienne, and yes I think that I am beginning to realise that already! :) x