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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mocked Up Wedding Card Design for Richard & Becky!

Firstly to all of you that are within the UK, I hope that you are all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend whatever you may be up to!

So far we have had a bit of a wet one, but it seems to have brightened up somewhat this afternoon and hopefully it will stay that way! Not that it makes a huge amount of difference to me, since I worked yesterday and am doing so tomorrow. But on the plus side I get double pay, and have had the day today to chill with the hubby.

I have also been able to mock the wedding card design that I showed you in my last post into a finished card.

I had to fiddle about with the layout of this design to get it right, so that I could fit on all of the information needed but also keep the design in line with the other cards I have done. I got there in the end though!

For the colouring of the text I went with turquoise to match the couple's wedding theme. I also used glitter on the dress and the flower headdress, but unfortunately no matter how I tried I couldn't really get it to show up in the photos.

The last issue that I had with the design was trying to find a button that matched the card. I knew that I wanted a heart and originally I was going to go for a pearl heart button, but try as I might despite the wonders of the internet I couldn't find one that was quite right. They either didn't match or would be to overpowering for the design.

I then looked at a number of different options including wooden heart buttons, but in the end I decided to experiment and paint a red heart button that I already had. I painted it white then sprinkled on embossing glitter, before heating it with an embossing dryer to seal the glitter to the button, and ta dah my little experiment worked! 

I have to say that this design is definitely my favourite of the wedding designs that I have done so far, and I hope that the couple in question like it too. It's not long until their wedding now so it's all getting very exciting, and next weekend I am off on the hen night. We are going out for a meal on the Saturday night then out for a spa day on Sunday, which I am very much looking forward to as I have never done a spa day before. It shall definitely be needed by the weekend too, as I would just have worked the last and our most manic week at my retail job before the schools go back!

Thanks for dropping by as always x


  1. Awe it's lovely Jenny, just beautiful, they're going to love it! :)
    V x

  2. What a beautiful card!
    Hope you enjoy the hen weekend. Sounds like fun.
    Melanie x

  3. Hey Jenny,
    So much cuteness in a single post.Loved it!!

    1. Thanks Veronica i'm glad that you like, it is much appreciated! x

  4. Cute But Still not the most beautiful wedding card

  5. Lovely share! Great way to celebrate weddings. Still remember the fountains and round wall ceilings at rental spaces for parties we attended few months back. My friend arranged a gala shower for her sister. Sculpture paintings made the d├ęcor more appealing. Loved the Tiramisu and barbeques with colorful dessert ideas.