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Friday, 6 September 2013

And Relax.....!

Well I am pleased to report that I had a lovely time on the spa hen day that I went on last weekend, and as I expected I definitely need that bit of rest and relaxation after a very hectic time at work last week!
As I mentioned in my last post I had never been on a spa day before, but it was definitely worth it and I would love to do it again sometime. It's probably not something that I would do on my own but as a group I really enjoyed it.
Altogether there were thirteen of us that went there, and we had exclusive use of the privately owned spa all day. The place itself was only about a ten minute drive from where I live but I never even knew it existed, as it is tucked well away in the southern countryside.
On arrival we had a welcome breakfast of mixed canapés, pastries and champagne. As you can see below they almost looked too good to eat!

I have to say that I cannot take the credit for any of the photos in this post, as they were taken by a friend within the group. I was intending to take some but was far too busy enjoying myself.
After the welcome breakfast we decided on what treatments we would be having. I wasn't intending on having any but ended up treating myself to a well needed pedicure, which was lovely. Before having a dip in the pool and hot tub, which I could have stayed in all day.
Luckily the weather was good to us so we managed to get use of the outside areas too, and soaked up some rays whilst chatting and reading.

We then had a beautifully prepared lunch which like the canapés didn't disappoint as you can see below:

The day was then finished off with a few more dips in the pool followed by fresh coffee and chocolates.
I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend and good week too! Unfortunately since the spa day I seem to have come down with a very heady fluey cold, along with a lot of people at work.

I had a feeling that I would, it always happens when we stop after the busy "Back To School" period. I think that we are all feeling pretty run down from it. But luckily the schools are back now, and the last two days have been days off this week so I am now feeling a lot better.

I hope that you all enjoy the approaching weekend and that the weather stays nice for you as it's not looking too promising here! x 


  1. Well that all sounded like a lot of fun!
    Shame about the cold hopefully you're feeling a lot better now!
    V x

  2. I could so use a spa weekend..need the pampering desperately! What I wouldnt give for 1 hr massage...sigh!..lucky girl.