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Monday, 28 January 2013

An Appeal!

Some of you may already know about this if you read Julies blog over at Little Cotton Rabbits but for those of you that don't. There is a little place in Lancashire where a couple have set up an Animal Sanctuary for Saving Rare Breeds. They take in neglected, unwanted or abandoned farm animals and horses and are working towards opening an education centre to teach the next generation to care for these animals properly.

Unfortunately though as the project is self funded money can get tight and at the moment the owners Stephen and Tracey are having a particularly tough time, having have lost allot of their animals over the past week or so to a mystery illness.

So to help cheer them up a few blogger including myself, are trying to get them the most votes in a competition on Facebook to win £5,000. If they were to win it would enable them to them finish their new Animal Hospital, plus it won’t cost you a thing! All you need to go to the following link: add the app, like it and then place your vote for Saving Rare Breeds.

The competition is run each month by Animal Friends Insurance and they choose four charities to win a cash prize. Saving Rare Breeds are 3rd out of four this month, and there are only a few days left to go now. I know that there are allot of good causes out there but if you can spare the time to help I know that they would be very grateful. x

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