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Friday, 25 January 2013

Snowy Walk!

Well as I hoped we, along with the vast majority of the country did indeed get snow! In comparison to allot of other places though I think that we got off quiet lightly here. We have probably had about 5-10cm max since last Friday, enough to build snow men and go sledging but not so much that it's caused too many major problems. It has stayed with us for most of the week and only really started clearing in the past few days with the sleety rain.

Though inconvenient for many the snow has given me the perfect opportunity to go out on some country walks and capture some snowy photos. I love photography at the best of times but find it extra special and magical in the snow! I particularly love wildlife photography so I went out to find some animals in the snow, which as you can see below I succeeded in. I saw robins, squirrels, a song thrush, and bunnies playing in the snow! (Trust me to find the bunnies!) I also saw a Jay bird which I have never seen before, but was rather peeved as it was in prime position just as the batteries in my camera ran out, just typical! I hope that you like the pics, I know that there I quite a few but I couldn't decide which ones to use!

A Lucky close-up shot of a Robin on a branch, and the church where I married looking pretty in the snow!

I took a photo of the lamp post because it reminded me of a snowy Narnia, and the picturesque river.

An old sign with a pretty backdrop and one of the squirrels that I saw playing in the snow.

Again these scenes reminded me of Narnia, and felt quite magical.

Pretty ice patterns that had formed on the pathway and more of the snowy river.

An ethereal looking tree in the snow & icicles that had formed along the side of the river's waterfall.

The tree walkway, and the area by the train tracks where I found the bunnies playing.

It was lovely to see the wild bunnies playing in the snow. They were quite skittish and easily spooked, but I manage to get gradually closer overtime to get these shots. I was quite pleased that I saw them relaxed enough to get the pictures I did, washing their paws and reaching up to get food from the bushes; as this is behaviour that I haven't seen in wild rabbits before.

I hope that wherever you are that you are not snowed in and that the snow is causing you too many problems. Keep snug x


  1. I love your bunny pics, absolutely beautiful, such brilliant little animals!!! :)
    All your photos are amazing, the church photo would make a lovely Christmas card.
    V xxx

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Your photo's are lovely and really sets the scene. It is very unusual for wild bunnies to show off infront of the camera so you certainly did well to get those shots.


  3. Thanks Vivienne & Mitzi, your comments are much appreciated. It did take some patience to get the bunny pics but despite the cold I could have watched them for hours. After having had bunnies for so long you get to know they're body language, and wild bunnies are so similar to domesticated ones so I think that helped. It was lovely to watch! x

  4. I love your pics! How lucky you were to see all those wild animals :)

    1. Thank you I am glad that you like them! x