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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Website & Logo!

This week I have been busy creating a new website to promote myself as an Illustrator. I did have one after I graduated but it was only very simple and became a little dated, so I shut it down just before I started this blog.

This time round I wanted something where I could have more freedom with the look and style of the website as well as having links to my blog, Etsy shop and Facebook page, when they are eventually up and running! So I am being a little more adventurous and building it myself this time almost from scratch! I am gradually getting to grips with it and it is looking good, but it is very time consuming. I spent the best part of an evening trying to get a button to click the other night. But like I say it is coming along now and should be ready to launch within the next week or so!

In other news I have also been putting together a new stand alone Bobby Bunny Logo, to be used on the back of my greetings card designs. I have still used the same image of Bobby dragging his blanket in pyjamas, but wanted something that would also incorporated my name but still go with my blog banner. After a bit of playing about with different text and image placement to see what worked best I came up with the image below, any comments as to what you think of it would be welcome.

I hope that the weather hasn't been too bad where you are. Here we have had some lovely crisp sunny days but no snow as of yet, however that may change by tomorrow. When it comes to snow I’m still a bit of a big kid, and as inconvenient as it can be I still like the magical feel of waking up to see everything pure and white. Have a good day and wrap up warm! x


  1. Your logo looks great! :)
    No snow here yet but it is on the cards, I think!
    V xxx

  2. Thanks Vivienne i'm glad that you like it, and it it most definately snowing here now! x